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Queens - Episode 1.13 (Season Finale) - 2022 - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release


Promotional Photos
161866_8939.th.jpg 161866_0585.th.jpg 161902_7016.th.jpg 161902_6965.th.jpg 161902_8245.th.jpg 161902_8226.th.jpg 161902_7412.th.jpg 161902_8493.th.jpg 161902_9605.th.jpg 161922_2311.th.jpg 161902_8872.th.jpg 161902_8527.th.jpg 161922_3043.th.jpg 161922_2879.th.jpg 161922_2856.th.jpg 161866_0749.th.jpg 161922_2510.th.jpg 161866_0217.th.jpg 161866_0073.th.jpg 161866_0019.th.jpg 161867_5552.th.jpg 161867_4306.th.jpg 161866_8840.th.jpg 161902_7609.th.jpg 161902_6801.th.jpg 161867_5709.th.jpg 161922_1103.th.jpg 161902_9846.th.jpg 161902_9457.th.jpg 161902_9406.th.jpg 161902_9444.th.jpg 161922_2945.th.jpg 161922_2238.th.jpg 161922_3402.th.jpg 161922_2744.th.jpg 161922_3289.th.jpg
Press Release
As the Queens prepare to be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame, they cannot help but notice the void Brianna’s absence from the group has left. Meanwhile, Naomi is waylaid when an old beau questions JoJo’s paternity. Elsewhere, Valeria gets ready to embark on her solo tour and she wonders if she really is ready to go it alone.