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The Rookie - Episode 4.09 - Breakdown - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
160886_5222-900x0.th.jpg 160886_4964-900x0.th.jpg 160886_4912-400x0.th.jpg 160886_4794-900x0.th.jpg 160886_4888-900x0.th.jpg 160886_4669-900x0.th.jpg 160886_4665-900x0.th.jpg 160886_4653-400x0.th.jpg 160886_4544-900x0.th.jpg 160885_3985-900x0.th.jpg 160885_3861-900x0.th.jpg 160885_3842-900x0.th.jpg 160885_3606-900x0.th.jpg 160885_3802-900x0.th.jpg 160885_3298-900x0.th.jpg 160885_3559-900x0.th.jpg 160885_3130-900x0.th.jpg 160885_3289-400x0.th.jpg 160885_3052-400x0.th.jpg 160884_9779-400x0.th.jpg 160884_9733-400x0.th.jpg 160884_9646-400x0.th.jpg 160884_9637-900x0.th.jpg 160884_0885-400x0.th.jpg 160884_0875-900x0.th.jpg 160884_0817-900x0.th.jpg 160884_0739-900x0.th.jpg 160884_0685-900x0.th.jpg 160884_0624-900x0.th.jpg 160884_0611-900x0.th.jpg 160884_0014-900x0.th.jpg 160884_0534-400x0.th.jpg 160884_0324-400x0.th.jpg 160767_9578-900x0.th.jpg 160767_9554-400x0.th.jpg 160767_9530-900x0.th.jpg 160767_9478-900x0.th.jpg 160767_9512-900x0.th.jpg 160767_9240-900x0.th.jpg 160767_9315-900x0.th.jpg 160767_9295-900x0.th.jpg 160767_9034-900x0.th.jpg 160767_8998-400x0.th.jpg 160767_8863-400x0.th.jpg 160767_8834-400x0.th.jpg 160767_8748-900x0.th.jpg 160767_8725-400x0.th.jpg 160767_8594-400x0.th.jpg 160886_5751-900x0.th.jpg 160886_5714-400x0.th.jpg 160886_5373-400x0.th.jpg 160886_5267-400x0.th.jpg 160886_5574-900x0.th.jpg 160886_5434-400x0.th.jpg
Press Release
The Rookie: Breakdown (12/12)

“Breakdown” – Desperate to break free from his connection to Elijah, Wesley tries to plant a listening device in his office to incriminate him. Meanwhile, Officer Bradford and his sister, Genny, learn an unsettling truth about their father on an all-new episode of “The Rookie,” SUNDAY, DEC. 12 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres.

Guest starring is Zayne Emory as Henry Nolan, Brent Huff as Officer Smitty, Enver Gjokaj as Donovan Town, Dylan Conrique as Tamara Colins, Brandon Jay McLaren as Elijah Stone, and Peyton List as Gennifer “Genny” Bradford.

“Breakdown” was written by Alexi Hawley and directed by Chi-Yoon Chung.