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Y: The Last Man - Weird Al Is Dead - Review: "This Is What You'll Get"

10 Oct 2021

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This week's episode of "Y: The Last Man" is split into three different stories; we get to see the Brown family in its entirety, with Hero dealing with her own demons and trying to become someone new thanks to Roxanne, the cult leader; Yorick, Dr. Mann and 355 are in Pennsylvania, and it feels like our last suriving man is getting closer to the agent that's helping him through this; and then we have Jennifer, our lord and savior Diane Lane, giving her best "I don't care about what you think" look to Regina, who's desperately trying to get the power she thinks she deserves, instead of being useful. And thanks to Kimberly, she knows that she has found an ally she can count on, because, le'ts face it, Kim can't wait to take down Jennifer too. I have to honest, I am looking forward to seeing a political battle between these fierce women.
And what about Roxanne, played beautifully by Missi Pyle? I did non expect her to be such an interesting character; that conversation that she has with Nora about being sorry for everything and basically apologizing for existing. It is something women do often, it seems like society has told us to be grateful for existing and we have to constantly tell the world tha we are. Nora is on the path of following Roxanne's ideology, which is pretty imbued in her followers' minds. Look at Hero, who told Roxanne about killing Mike; Roxanne tells her that she can be whoever she wants to be there. Alas, Roxanne is also the woman who refused to take other women in, women who were physically and mentally exhausted. Survival of the fittest, right?
Dr. Mann is kind of hesitant towards 355 and her motives, so she convinces Yorick that it's prbably time they get matters in their own hands. Yorick seems skeptical at first, but then decides to run away with Dr. Mann and leave 355 behind. I wasn't really sure about Yorick's hesitancy, because Sarah has been so helpful and has kept him alive. Sure, she has ulterior motives, but who in the Y: The Last Man doesn't? I don't think there's good or bad; there's opportunity to be the best (or worst) version of yourself, and that involves each character on the show. Captain Nguyen and her team were tracking down 355; they eventually find her, but the Captain also sees Yorick and she takes a really good look at him, so she can totally recognize him. Oh, and Ampstead. How can you forget someone travelling with a monkey?
What did you guys think about the episode? How do you think things will turn out now that someone tied to the President has seen Yorick? Let me know in the comments below! Y:The Last Man is now streaming on Disney+ in the UK