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Performers Of The Month - August 2021 Results

16 Sept 2021

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We will once again be revealing the POTM results for August live. You can join via either the YouTube or Twitch links below. We look forward to all of you finding out who won in real-time. If you can't join live, the videos will be available immediately following the broadcast. 

As per usual, the Staff side of voting was quite close with the ultimate winner not taking the lead until the very end. The Reader side, on the other hand, was a bit more interesting since the Top 5 all blasted out together separating themselves from the rest of the group of nominees very early on by substantial amounts. In the end, one nominee did break away from that group and surge to the lead where that spot was held until voting concluded. There was a lot of overlap this month between the Staff side and the Reader side. When that happens these performers are usually at the very top of their game and delivered very strong POTM worthy performances, this month was no exception. Who do you think won on both sides? Take some time to post your thoughts in the comments while you wait for the live announcement to start.

Thank you to everyone who turned out to vote and participate this month. As usual, thank you to everyone who submitted comments. With each passing month, the submissions for comments keep getting better and better making it harder each round to pick just a single submission to honor each nominee. 

Now, for the fun part, either join us live or check out the video below after the live broadcast has completed to see which of the Top 5 from each group won in their competition. After you watch the video, drop down to the comments and let us know your thoughts regarding the winners and their amazing fellow nominees. 

All of the performer comment slides and winner slides are available on Twitter and Instagram. If you utilize any of these slides beyond a RT or share, please provide appropriate credit. 

Please click on these links (YouTube & Twitch) to go directly to our channels if the below links won't work for you. 

LIVE AT 4:30 ET/1:30 PT/9:30 BST