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Lucifer - S6 Party Night 9th Sept - Quizzes, Games, Interviews, Fan Art & More

1 Sept 2021

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Lucifer Season 6 (The Final Season) is coming to Netflix on Friday 10th September. As you know we have always loved being involved in the Lucifer Community. So to celebrate the final season we are having a Season 6 Party night on Thursday 9th September, LIVE. You can join us live on Twitch/Youtube for:

The Big Lucifer Quiz
Name that Quote
Name that Scene
Lucifer Discussions
Fan Art Submissions
Mild-Teasers for Season 6


First Look at our Exclusive (Spoiler-Free) Interview with Executive Producers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson

So come join us on Thursday 9th September at 9.30PM BST / 4.30PM ET / 1.30PM PT

We will be streaming via Youtube and Twitch (why not drop us a follow in advance)

Follow our Youtube here:
Follow via Twitch here:

Don't forget to check back on September 7th for our SPOILER-FREE preview of Season 6.

Fan Art Submission

If you have fan art you would like to submit to be displayed during the stream please DM me on Twitter or email me with the subject "Lucifer Fan Art" with the art and the name you want to be credited with.