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SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers


Quote of the Week - Week of August 8th

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Legends of Tomorrow -

1. Astra: "I left hell to bowl granny style? What has become of my life?" (Alejandra Gil Manriquez)

Motherland: Fort Salem -

1. Abigail: "I could have killed you." Raelle: "But you didn't. For once in your life, you listened to somebody else."
2. Abigail: "Sure, we'll stay behind. Remind me. Who on this mission has faced the Camarilla on multiple occasions? And won?" Raelle: "There's the Abigail Bellweather we know and love." (Alejandra Gil Manriquez)

Reservation Dogs -

1. [Tribal Police Chief McClarnon thinks that the sugar is a “white man’s bullet” designed to prey on the indigenous sweet tooth. His choice of beverage?] McClarnon: “Energy drink. It’s natural because it’s made with energy.” (KathM)
Roswell, New Mexico -

1. Liz: "I am not afraid (to talk to Max). I am furious at him. He made me believe that I was capable of anything, of being anyone, and then the took it away when he burned it all down." Kyle: "You used his DNA, Liz, without telling him. Max didn't put you here. You did, when you decided to put science above anything else. Success at any cost, has a cost and you never stopped to consider it." (Prpleight)

Stargirl -

1. [Dugan catches Zeek snooping in his garage] Zeek: "I knew you were building something. A robot." Dugan: "Yeah--" Zeek: "Don't tell me what its for, I don't need to know. Sometimes a man just needs himself a robot." Dugan: "The thing is--" Zeek: "You know I built myself a flame thrower out of a propane tank and a BB Gun. I bet you could fit one right in the palm of that there robot's hand." Dugan: "What? A flamethrower?" Zeek: "Yes sir, to start." Dugan: "Okay, well, the thing is, Zeek--" Zeek: "Uh hm" Dugan: "--this is a private project." Zeek: "Yeah. Right." Dugan: "It's kind of a hobby--" Zeek: "Um hmm." Dugan: "--that I'm--" Zeek: "Okay." Dugan: "--kind of keeping to myself--" Zeek: "Right. Great!" Dugan: "--that I really--" Zeek: "I will go get my tools!" Dugan: "--rather other people didn't know about it." Zeek: "Loving this partnership." (Prpleight)