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SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers

Quote of the Week - Weeks of May 30 and June 6

16 Jun 2021

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

- Prpleight
1.  Dante Sr.:  “You're looking for the line between right and wrong, but here's the cold hard truth. There is no line. There's just a grey area, and it's different for everyone. So you have to decide who you're going to be and what you're willing to do to get justice.”

- Julia K
1.  Deborah: "Marty tells me that I’m going to embarrass myself with this new show! What does he know?! His job is just a series of high-cholesterol lunches!“
2.  Deborah: "A lot of people think that Frank started my career. He didn’t, but we did start our careers together and it was a dream. And when you share a sense of humor with someone, it’s like finding someone who speaks your own private little language and you make each other better. But his ambition got in the way and he left me. And I was so scared because I thought I needed someone else and that I would never find anyone like him ever again. But then I found standup. Thank God! I know everyone thinks that standup is so scary because you are up there all alone, but it is the least scary thing in the world ‘cause no one can disappoint you."  Journalist: "Isn’t that a little lonely though?"  Deborah: "It’s just true. We came into this world completely alone and that’s how we leave it. Most people spend their whole lives pretending that’s not true. I don’t pretend. I never have."
3.  Ava: "Being back in this house is just making me remember that I always felt really, really lonely here. I think that’s why I started doing comedy in the first place, because it was just a way for me to feel connected to people who thought about things the way I did. But now I’m just like: maybe I shouldn’t shape my entire existence around a response to a shitty childhood. That’s not a very good reason to pursue a career."  Deborah: "I don’t know if that’s true. I mean, what is a good reason to pursue any career?"  Ava: "Your grandfather owned a cement truck and your name is already on the side of it?"

Law & Order:  SVU
- Jessica C
1.  Carisi:  "A partnership is a lot like a marriage. You fight and then you make up, but at the end of the day, you always have each other’s backs. And if you had to, you'd take a bullet for each other. And a bond like that, that never goes away."

- Maria Sol
1.  Loki: "What if I was a robot and I didn't know it?" Man: "The machine would melt you from the inside out. Please move along, sir." Loki: "Okay, I'm not a robot, so I'll be fine."
2.  Ravonna: "How do you plead?" Loki: "Madam, a god doesn't plead."
3.  Loki: "I don't enjoy hurting people. I...I don't enjoy it. I do it because I have to, because I've had to." Mobius: "Okay, explain that to me." Loki: "Because it's part of the illusion. It's the cruel, elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear."

- Prpleight
1.  God:  “Wow! Did you know that when humans close their eyes they can't see anything? I mean total darkness. But, open these babies and Bam! ...let there be light.”
2.  Lucifer:  “Oh my, Me.”

- Jessica C
1.  Jared Vasquez:  "I've got your back."
2.  Michaela Stone:  "The thing is the rules for the passengers are changing and while the system could always rely on me, I can no longer rely on the system."
3.  Grace Stone:  "Cal? My sweet, sweet boy. Take care of each other."  Cal Stone:  "I love you, mom. It's okay. I know what we need to do now."

Queen of the South
- Folie-lex
1.  Kelly Anne: "Pete lost his job. He's been having a hard time, doesn't really want to leave the house, and I kinda thought this move would help."  Heidi: "Like I said, people can surprise you."  Pete: "Hola, hi. I'm Pete Rodriguez. I'm Angie's husband, and you must be Heidi."
2.  James: "Looks like a cell phone, right? [flips the gadget to gun mode] If anything goes wrong, I want you covered. Two shots. Use them wisely. Here, try it."  Teresa: "I love you."
3.  James [to Devon]: "Is that the story you tell yourself? That you're nice? That you're one of the good guys, out here protecting the American people? No. The CIA is the most evil cartel there is."

- Julia K
1.  Carson:  “I’m not taking the pill and you can't make me!”  Rebel:  “Of for God’s sake! Can I take it?!”  Lana:  “Girl, if he was a cat, I’d grab him by the scruff and shove it down his throat!”
2.  Rebel:  “I need your help, except for you, Cass. You can go back to Satan’s tomb or whatever it is you sleep in these days.”

Superman & Lois
  - Raina
1.  Clark Kent: "Look, I know you can handle anything, but it is okay to ask for help. And I want to be that person for you always, but I also understand if I'm not right now."
2.  Lois Lane: "All this time I thought I was okay...and then just being reminded of the child that I lost and then almost losing you, I lost it, and I said some things I never should've said and that I didn't mean, but that's no excuse, and I never should've yelled at you like that, and I'm so sorry, and I love you so much, and I hope you forgive me."
3.  Lois Lane: "We are the extraordinary humans in a family of superpeople, and we have to stick together."

What We’re Watching:

Good Girls
- 4.06 - Jessica C
1.  Annie:  "You know what's so weird? You didn't go to bed a cop, but you woke up one."
2.  Rio:  "Hey. They like you."

- Season 5A - Prpleight
1.  Maze:  “I had 2 rocks growing up - one sharp, one not. Take the sharp one and try to stab things. Take the dull one and try to make it sharp.”

Prodigal Son
- 2.13 - Dahne
1.  Jessica:  “NO!!!  Sorry, Viv.  It’s gonna take more than 2 martinis and a couple of Valium to take me down.  That’s breakfast in this family.”  Vivian:  “You’re so right.  Mixing booze and pills is such a cliche way to die.   Maybe something more dramatic.”  (A fight ensues.)  Jessica:  “Dramatic?  I study Krav Maga with Grace Jones.  Bring it!”  
2.  Ainsley:  “Sheriff Cooley, you don’t know me but my father is Martin Whitly.  
Growing up I always knew that I was half darkness like my dad, but I also knew I was half my mother - good, kind, brave.  Your daughters won’t be able to say that.  For them, it will be all darkness but you can still redeem yourself.  All you have to do is tell us, where is The Woodsman?”

Queen of the South
- 5.08 - Folie-lex
1.  Teresa: "I'm here. You got what you want, now let them go."  Boaz: "See, that's where you mess up. Always thinking with your heart, not your head. That's why you're here now. I don't think you ever understood the darker side of this business, Teresa.”  Teresa: "You're wrong. I understand perfectly."
2.  Kostya: "You baited my cousin into betraying me. Her blood is on your hands and so is your own. I'm coming for you. You and everyone you love."