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SEAL Team and Clarice - Renewed and Moving to Paramount+ *Updated May 18th*

18 May 2021

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SEAL Team's move to Paramount+ is now official, while Clarice is still in negotiations per deadline.

In what could be a glimpse of the future of a symbiotic relationship between broadcast networks and their streaming siblings, I hear two high-profile CBS drama series on the bubble, SEAL Team, and Clarice, will be moving to Paramount+ next season.

The deals are still being finalized but I hear the David Boreanaz-starring military drama, which is wrapping its fourth season, will kick off its fifth season on CBS next fall and air its first several episodes — likely four — on the broadcast network before migrating to Paramount+. Freshman Clarice‘s second season will stream exclusively on Paramount+. Reps for the streamer and CBS Studios, which produces both series, declined comment.