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Pose - Episodes 3.01 + 3.02 - Promo + Press Release


Press Release
On The Run

301 5/2/2021 10 p.m. ET/PT

With the AIDS epidemic reaching fever pitch, Blanca finds purpose working as a nurse's aide at Roosevelt hospital alongside her new love, Christopher. But Blanca's history with a new patient leads to a challenging ordeal. Meanwhile, Lemar shakes up the ballroom community when he becomes father to the unruly House of Khan forcing the House of Evangelista to consider reassembling. Written by Steven Canals and Janet Mock; directed by Janet Mock.



302 5/2/2021 11 p.m. ET/PT

When Pray Tell's alcoholism leads to expected consequences, Blanca stages a much-needed intervention. Meanwhile, Blanca nervously prepares to meet Christopher's parents. Written by Steven Canals and Our Lady J; directed by Steven Canals.