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FBI - Uncovered - Review

2 Mar 2021

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This week's episode, that was written by Kristy Lowery and directed by Alex Chapple, started with a scene were we knew something bad was going to happen, but we didn’t know what or when, and even when they keep using the classic resource of a small talk about anything, they end up surprising us when tragedy strikes. This time we have a couple of security guards talking about a basketball game when suddenly they’re attacked to steal a tank of ammonia, which leads the team to believe that they’re dealing with drug makers, because the pandemic apparently affected even those kinds of business, too.

At the office, the team starts to dig in the case, and here I realized why these scenes always make you feel the rush of the work here and I think it has to do with the camera movements that don’t have a still shot, but they’re always following the characters around. Back to the case, Nestor Vertiz, Maggie’s boyfriend, joins the investigation since he has some knowledge about cases like this. This leads to the chase of a suspect, where Nestor and OA are saved by Maggie who shoots the man.

Then, following another lead, the team stages an operation at a park, where Nestor and OA are supposedly buying meth from a contact that Vertiz knows that could take them to the man that stole the ammonia and killed the security guard. At some point, they seem to have lost control of the situation, but they end up arresting the man, who gives them another lead that makes them to have a second undercover operation in less than 10 minutes (in episode time, of course), this time in a bar, where Nestor makes a reckless move and involves Maggie in a risky situation, that makes her mad at her boyfriend.

Later, Stuart and Tiffany find the lab where the stolen ammonia was used, but soon it is discovered that it wasn’t drugs what the criminals were trying to make, but a bomb. I like this turn in the story cause I haven’t found the case that interesting, and this made me feel more invested in the episode from this moment. And even when they had the culprit already in custody, they just can’t make him talk about the location of the bomb, so time starts pressing.

Elise, who returned to work reloaded after her experience with her own bomb a few episodes ago, practically solved the case, because she found and provided the team with the clues that helped them to find the location of the bomb. Once they’re there, OA tries to find and disarm the bomb by himself going inside the building, with the help of Maggie, who becomes a connection between him and the bomb squad, first from the outside but later next to him, since she decides to join him and try to deactivate it. When the efforts are useless and there is not much time left, the bomb squad asks them to leave, but they stay. Even when these kinds of scenes often have a positive outcome, especially when the main characters are involved, they’re always tense and leave you on the edge of your seat.

Later, they’re joined by Nestor who brings in the man who set up the bomb to force him to help them, but he seems very reluctant to help them, so OA asks Maggie to leave since there’s only one minute left on the timer, but she doesn’t want to. Finally, the man comes to his senses and tells OA how to turn it off, which he does when they just have 3 seconds left.

This scene was a good example of how determined is OA when it comes to save lives, cause he never gave up while trying to stop the bomb; and it also showed us the strong bond that Maggie and Omar have as a team, cause each one was worried about the other.

Now let’s get into Nestor’s matter. Every time he was in danger during this episode, I thought he was gonna get hurt, and it seems Maggie had that feeling too, for the way she reacted each time, though he was very cool and comfortable about these situations, and he seemed to enjoy his work a little too much. We were also getting clues about where Maggie and Nestor’s relationship was heading, through the whole hour. At the end, Maggie broke up with him when he rented an apartment for them to move in, before she gave him an answer, she had said she was going to weigh, but I believe this decision started to form since the previous episode where Maggie discovered that he hadn’t told her about having kids, and now she could see him more as he really is, a self-satisfied man that doesn’t seem to take in consideration those around him, and that’s something Maggie definitely doesn’t want for her, and I’m fine with this, cause I never liked Nestor very much and I always had the feeling that there was something shady about him.

Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts in the comments section. What did you think of this episode?