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Superman & Lois - Adam Rayner Joins Cast

Adam Rayner, who is known for his starring role as Barry Al-Fayeed FX’s Tyrant, is stepping into the Arrowverse. He is joining the cast of Superman & Lois as a Morgan Edge opposite Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch, who play the iconic titular superhero couple.

In his new series regular role, Rayner will play the character who is described as “an intelligent, eloquent and impassioned self-made mogul who’s innate ability to motivate is the means to his success and others’ demise.” The character in DC Comics started off as a Daily Planet media mogul and then was later depicted as a supervillain. Previous iterations of Morgan Edge include Smallville where he was played by Rutger Hauer and Patrick Bergin. More recently, he was Adrian Pasdar played him in the third season of Supergirl.


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