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FBI - Unreasonable Doubt - Review: Genetic Chimera

8 Dec 2020

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This week’s episode was interesting and very intriguing from the beginning to the end, and made me learn a thing or two. It was written by Tom Szentgyorgyi and directed by Jean de Segonzac and it started with some guys having fun on a lake and making us believe, not for the first time, that something was going to happen to them though they actually ended up discovering a body. This led the team to find another 2 bodies on that lake, which made them realize they were facing a serial killer case, and put a vibe of seriousness in the office, since they were running against the clock before the criminal could attack again. 

While they were checking the characteristics of the victims and their murders, Jubal discovers some similarities with a case he closed 8 years ago, so he meets with Rina Trenholm (Kathleen Munroe), an agent that worked that case with him. When they met, we could clearly see that they had a special relationship in the past which was later confirmed. Jubal then shares with her his concerns about convicting an innocent man which she quickly discards telling him that they did an airtight job, since the man's DNA was on the victim, though he always claimed to be innocent. 

Following a lead, the team runs into a website of incels (involuntary celibates, a term I have to say I had never heard before) which is full of memes of sexual content and hate against women that have turned them down, and it turns out that the pictures of the 3 victims are there. But Jubal just can’t stop thinking about that old case, so he asks Maggie and OA to dig into it, while trying to hide it from Isobel, though he ends up telling her when she realizes that he’s worried about something, but she tells him to forget about that and focus on the current case, which doesn’t happen cause he goes to the prison to face Cory McMay (Ari Fliakos), the man he sent there all those years ago. This visit ends in a confrontation since Jubal is trying to convince himself that he did his job right, but McMay insists on his innocence. 

Later, they discover a new victim with the same characteristics as the others and they can finally get a more concrete lead when they get a number plate of a car that was reported stolen a few weeks ago. Maggie and OA visit the owner of this car, Peter Deleon (Joshua Morgan) who’s a volunteer at a children’s hospital because he had leukemia when he was a kid and now feels he has to help others in his same situation. And though he seemed like a nice guy, I totally found him very suspicious from the first moment. 

At some point, comes an unexpected turn of events when the DNA of Cory McMay appears in the recent victims, but later Peter Deleon emerges as a suspect and here is where it comes the second term I learnt with this episode: genetic chimera, which is that the DNA of an organ donor can pass to the recipient's body, something I didn’t know it could happen, and which was exactly what solved this case, cause it turned out that McMay have donated his bone marrow to Deleon, and it was this last one who was the real killer of all of the victims, including the woman from the 8 years ago case. 

With this episode, it was left clear how much the alcohol affected Jubal in the past, cause he kept doubting about himself and his work, because he was basically drunk when he was investigating that old case and he felt he had made a mistake. He later went to tell McMay that his innocence had finally been proven but he still felt guilty for taking 8 years of the man's life, and at the end he made a confession to Rina, that I don't know if it will be addressed later in the season, cause he told her that the night they broke up, after drinking, he blacked out and woke up to see his car with a dent and a lot of blood, which he assume could be an animal, but I think he's still not sure about what happened, and that’s something that keeps upsetting him. I really like this character and I’m very pleased that they keep giving us insights about him. 

This episode we could also get to see more about Maggie’s relationship with Nestor Vertiz, which she was first trying to hide, and I think he didn’t like that very much, though he said he was ok with it. But at the end she finally decided to tell OA, who showed her his support, but he clearly doesn’t trust him, like me, and I think he will keep an eye on Nestor, and more now that he knows he’s dating his friend. 

Also, in this hour, the pandemic was present too, though not as notoriously as in the previous episode, cause we could see a reporter on a TV screen and a prison guard wearing masks, and there was also a reference to the businesses that had to be closed for a long time and now are trying to regain their customers. I think they will keep these little reminders here and there for the rest of the season which I like. 

Now is time for you to share your thoughts in the comments section. What did you think of this episode?