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2020 Character Cup - Round 3

19 Jul 2020

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As we enter round 3, 16 characters are still standing. Like previous rounds, 2B was a mixture of big blowouts and tight races, adding Chloe Decker, Jamie Fraser, Raymond Reddington, Lexa, Jethro Gibbs, Eliot Spencer, Lois Lane, Villanelle, and Buffy Summers to our round 3 contendors. Don't forget to spread the word for your favorites! Nominations are now closed for the mini-contest, which will start tomorrow in round 4. Over in the prediction contest, Nick is poised to take the lead with 50 potential picks still. Lost Sensate, Psazzy, and Pao are close behind. Congrats to all. If you are just joining the contest, please check out the rules link below. Remember one vote per person per poll. Other links include the stats so far, character videos, and the previous polls. Good luck and happy voting!

Stats and Brackets
Character Videos - Round 3
Prediction Contest Leaders / Wish List Contest Leaders
Round 1-2 Polls

Round will end at approximately 2:45 pm CST on Monday, July 20.

TV Talk Topic:

Warning:   Here there be spoilers. Since we are talking about character redemption storylines, some things are naturally going to be discussed. It makes no sense to me to block out the entire comments section with spoiler tags, so please mark what show(s) you are talking about in the beginning so if it is a show where someone doesn’t want to be spoiled, they will know to skip it.

TV Talk Topic: Turning It Around - In the current TV landscape, antiheroes are all the rage, but what about those characters trying to rise above a mess of their own making? Which characters have had the best redemption arcs on TV? ( special thanks to Kate/Kili, Chloe Kurnow, and Ekon for the topic suggestion.)