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2020 Character Cup - Round 2A

18 Jul 2020

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From 64 to 32. We've said goodbye to half of our characters as we head into Round 2. Thanks so much to everyone who has nominated, voted, and especially, commented. You've made the hiatus better.  The round 1 stats are now updated and some trends have emerged.  New characters had it the roughest with only 38% of them moving to round 2.  One-named characters also struggled with the exception of Lexa and Villanelle.  What didn't change was the strength of our most nominated characters, Scylla Ramshorn and Jamie Fraser, who had the most votes.  For other stats, check out the link below.

As we move into round 2, some things are different. Rules are now in the links below. Please read them if you missed round 1. Also, the mini-contest nominations start today and will remain open through the end of round 2B.  Woo hoo!  Until then, may the votes be close and your favorites squeak through. Happy voting!

Stats and Brackets
Character Videos - Round 2
Prediction Contest Leaders / Wish List Contest Leaders
Round 1 Polls

Round will end at approximately 1:15 pm CST on Saturday, July 18.

Mini-Contest Nominations:

For those of you new to the Cup, we added in a mini-contest 5 years ago to keep people engaged after their favorite characters were out. This gives everyone a fresh start and something new to root for. The mini-contest always starts in round 4 and you have until Round 2B is finished to nominate. You can nominate up to 3 shows, by putting the show names in the form below. Any show still in the contest at round 3 is ineligible and normal nominating rules apply. Only one submission per person please. If you have questions, head for the comments.

This year our theme is...Best Series Finale. Thanks to LauraLoo for suggesting it. To qualify, a show must be completely finished with no upcoming episodes or movies. It also cannot still be in the Cup in round 3. When nominating, only put the show name, not the episode title. I can't wait to see your choices!

TV Talk Topic:

TV Talk Topic: Sticking the Landing - Since yesterday we talked pilots and today we’re nominating series finales, it makes sense to talk about them. What do you look for in a series finale? What are your favorite series finales and why?