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2020 Character Cup - Round 1D

16 Jul 2020

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*****NOTE:  Round 2 will begin at approximately 1:30 pm on Friday, July 17.  That will be around 19 hours after the polls close here.

With a combination of big blowouts and very tight races, Round 1C looked a lot like Round 1A.  It's no coincidence that these two days also included the 2 most nominated characters by far.  In the end, the following characters will join the other winners in round 2, which starts tomorrow:  Chloe Decker, Jamie Fraser, Peter Bishop, Raymond Reddington, Danny Reagan, Lexa, Riley Davis, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, and Ben Linus.  Hopefully you still have characters left in round 2, but if not, nominations for the mini-contest start tomorrow and we always have the TV Talk Topic. 

To ensure that everybody has a good time, please read the rules below. It is important that everyone be kind and fair to make this the most fun for everyone. There are also several links below. The daily TV Talk Topic will be found above the polls each time. We have a new TV Talk Topic every day and all are encouraged to participate. It's my favorite part of the contest. I’ve also added the bracket results below the polls.

For those of you with underdog characters, get the word out now because the round 1 is where the biggest change can happen. Generally there are fewer votes in round 1, so it is far easier for an upset. Good luck to all and happy voting!

Character Videos - Round 1D
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Round will end at approximately 6:30 pm CST on Thursday, July 16.

Character Cup Rules:

1. Don't take it too seriously! Have fun. Discuss. Play nice.

2. Cheaters suck! - Only one vote per person per poll please. While we will do our best to keep this contest running smoothly, it's up to each person to follow the rules. This contest is just a fun little piece of internet fluff during hiatus. It won't get anyone's show renewed or un-cancelled. It has zero effect on ratings. It won't even be seen by anyone who has any power in the TV industry, so there is zero reason to cheat. All cheaters do is disrespect themselves, their fandom, their show, the actors, and this community. Just don't.

3. Focus on characters, not people. Talking about what you like and dislike about a character is encouraged. Going after actors or fans is not.

4. The aliens have not landed. There's no conspiracy here. I will do my very best to keep the contest running smoothly, but I do make mistakes. I apologize in advance for any technical difficulties, spelling errors, and general absentmindedness. Let me know and I'll fix it.

5. Comments are life. As you anxiously await the return of your shows, why not distract yourself with a little TV Talk? Each day is a new topic so even if your favorites are out, you can still discuss. Last year, the consensus was to narrow the focus of the topics but feel free to go off on any tangent you want. While this contest is just a silly little distraction, the conversation here dives deep, so jump on in.

6. Nuts and Bolts - All polls are active for about 24 hours. The winners advance to the next round. In the case of a tie, both characters go to the next round. New polls should go up every day and polls may sometimes overlap each other. Any questions? Ask away in the comments.

TV Talk Topic:

TV Talk Topic: Starting Out Right - Many shows live and die on the pilot episode. A good pilot can create buzz while a bad pilot can sink a show. What do you look for in a pilot? How important is the quality of the pilot for you and which shows have had the best pilots in your opinion?