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SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers

Quote of the Week - Week of Jan. 12

23 Jan 2020

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Arrow -
1. Spectre: “Now run, Barry, run!” (Donna)
2. Lex Luthor: “Don’t you capes ever watch a movie?” (Donna)
3. Supergirl (to the nervous Ryan Choi): “I’m guessing you haven’t flown on another planet either. It’s easy. It’s just up, up and away.” (Donna)

Emergence -
1. Abby: “So what the hell do you want me to do? Resurrect him? No way. Get the jumper cables.” Jo: “I need you to take him apart. I need to know how it all works. This is our only chance to see the mechanics of everything and maybe it will help figure out how to bring Piper back.” Abby: “You want me to do an AI autopsy?”
2. Jo: “But she wouldn’t remember anything since she was taken.” Emily: “Whatever they did to her, this will undo it. She’ll be just like she was the day that they took her.” Jo: “That seems wrong.” Emily: “No, don’t even have some kind of moral problem with all of this. We are fixing what they broke. If you want to get her back, this is how you do it.”
3. Emily: “I know I made some mistakes in the past.” Jo: “Mis...those weren’t mistakes, Emily. You tried to kill her and it just didn’t work.” Emily: “Piper chose you because she’s better off with you. I accept that.”
4. Jo: “It’s like she’s planning some kind of coup. She wants to teach Benny how to rewrite his own code.” Ryan: “The guy who kidnapped her?” Jo: “Yeah, she wants to help him. All of them.” Emily: “It’s your fault, you know.” Jo: “What are you talking about?” Emily: “She’s being you. What would Police Chief Evans do if she thought people needed help?” Ryan: “She’d risk her life to save them.”

1. Kristen, about Castille: “She’s our boss. It’s not our job to second guess her.” Jubal: “Yeah, I know, but it is our job to protect her.”
2. Maggie: “Jumping into work doesn’t make the trauma go away.”
3. Kristen: “It’s just...I can do this, you know? I’m not scared to be back out in the field.” Maggie: “I hear you. We’re not invincible. I just want you to take the time to heal, but not just physically. And when the time is right, you’ll be back out there.” Kristen: “Okay, but what if everything and everyone moves on?” Maggie: “Hmmm. Some things probably will, but that does not mean that you’re not needed.” Kristen: “I hope you’re right.”
4. Jubal: “Isobel, this isn’t your fault.” Isobel: “We’re the FBI. We always get our man, and if we don’t, the man upstairs points to the man downstairs, or in this case, the woman.”

FBI: Most Wanted -
1. LaCroix: “You can’t let him goad you into throwing the first punch.” Tally: “Well, that was the only way I could get him to stop teasing me. No one else is going to stand up for me.” LaCroix: “’ve got me. You’ve got grandma, grandpa…” Tally: “You’re never here and grandma and grandpa...well, they probably think TikTok is a clock.”
2. LaCroix: “Hey Tally, I know it’s been really, really hard without your mom, but I want you to know that if you ever need me, I’ll stop whatever it is I’m doing and I’ll come find you.” Tally: “You promise.” LaCroix: “I promise.”
3. LaCroix: “Just your typical church lady with a gun.”

God Friended Me -
1. Miles: “How are you doing?” Ali: “Okay. I mean obviously I’m scared, and there will be plenty of time for everyone to worry about me, but I want this last day before that happens. I want to see dad marry the woman he loves and celebrate that with all the people I care about. Just for today, I want to pretend that everything is right with this world. Is that okay?” Miles: “Yeah, yeah, it is.” Ali: “Is there any way you can pretend as well?”
2. Arthur: “When you were a little girl, you would sit in that exact spot when you came to pray.” Ali: “Old habits, I guess.” Arthur: “Mmmm. Whatever it is you are praying for, know that God is listening. Hmm, and so am I...if you want to talk about it.”
3. Rakesh: “Wait a sec. They’re getting divorced?” Joy: “Do they know that?”

Grace & Frankie - (Julia)
1. Frankie: “I was married by a cult leader, like a normal person. I didn't just fly off in the middle of the night without telling anyone.”
2. Frankie: “Wipe that ‘poor Frankie’ look off your face, or I swear I will hurt you non-violently.”
3. Robert to Grace: “After being married to me, you deserve all the happiness in the world.”
4. Joan-Margaret: “You're having a complete nervous breakdown.” Frankie: “It's not complete until I stop wearing pants.”
5. Life coach: “I don't normally do this with clients, but would you mind leaving me a good review on Yelp?” Frankie: “Oh, yeah, sure. Of course. I mean, it'll be easy since you found my phone in the fridge.”
6. Frankie talking about their new toilet-invention: “Who is she? She's chic. She's sleek. She'll cradle those cheeks. She's sexy, yet functional. She's fun, yet mature. She's the Helen Mirren of plumbing fixtures.”
7. Nick: “You want an espresso? I've had a few today, so I won't yawn during sex. But I may have a heart attack.”
8. Frankie: “There's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women.”
9. Frankie: “My world-famous banana potpie. It has real bananas in it, and real pot.” Grace: “In what world is that famous?” Frankie: “A world of monkeys and stoners.”
10. Grace: “Saturday is Frankie Fest 2020.” Nick: “Okay, just because Frankie gave her birthday a name doesn't make it a festival.” Grace: “But I've been appointed grand marshal. I have a hat.”
11. Sol: “All I know is I was on Facebook two days ago, and now they won't let me back in.” Bud: “As your begrudging IT specialist, I ask that you own your part in this.” Sol: “I feel that Facebook hates me.”
12. Jack: “Well, when God closes one lid, she opens another one.”
13. Joan-Margaret: “I know this sounds crazy, but I have butterflies (because of some guy named Bruno).” Frankie: “Oh, what a coincidence, Bruno smells like mothballs.”
14. Grace: “No! No, Frankie, what are you doing?” Frankie: “What I was born to do, steal toilets.”
15. Sol: “Meeting new people, going new places, and if that's not thrilling enough, are you aware of the term ‘midnight buffet’?” Robert: “It was my nickname in college.”
16. Grace: “Ever since you and I became you and me, we've done a lot of crazy shit, but we've always done it together.”
17. Nick: “Oh, look, there's Frankie. Still. Again.” Frankie: “And always.”
18. Brianna: “You took my job? And so now you're my boss? No.” Mallory: “No, no, no, no, no, not boss. Not boss at all.” Brianna: “Okay.” Mallory: “Supervisor.”
19. Frankie: “Oh, Grace, Nick is white-collar. In three years, he'll probably be president.”
20. Grace: “I really thought it would be different with Nick, but I lost me again. You know, the real me, the me I am with you.” Frankie: “I like that you.” Grace: “Yeah, me too. And no matter how sweet Nick is, you're always gonna be the first person I want to call.” Frankie: “You're my first person, too.”

Legends of Tomorrow -
1. Supergirl (waking up on her new world): “It’s right, but it’s not right, but it’s right.” (Donna)
2. Maddog: “Was there a memo sent out about how to infiltrate our secure bunker?” (Donna)
3. Sara Lance: “Not today! Not ever! We will not fail him; we will not fail this new world.” (Donna)

Nancy Drew -
1. Nancy: “How did you find me here?” George: “For someone who sneaks around, a bright blue car isn’t exactly subtle.” Ace: “Hero of Horseshoe Bay. Hero of Horseshoe Bay’s friends.”
2. Nancy: “I’m gonna die and I...I’ve been too scared to talk to the one person who I care most about because I feel like I failed him.” Claire: “You don’t think your dad did it, after all the evidence you found?” Nancy: “You read the paper.” Claire: “I’ve always been fascinated by how the press creates heroes.” Nancy: “Your shirt isn’t dirty on the back and your shoes are size seven. You’re not the victim. I am.”
3. Dad: You alright?” Ace: “I’m okay. What are you doing here?” Dad: “I wanted to check on you. I wanted to say you did a good job.” Ace: “I’m sorry. more time. I didn’t catch that.” Dad: “Only suckers repeat themselves.”
4. Ace: “I saw your picture on the faculty wall. Chemistry teacher, huh? Try not to poison your cellmate.”

1. Beale: “I don’t know if you’re tall enough to ride this emotional rollercoaster.”
2. Sam: “Dev Jabbar, Agent Hanna. This is Agent Blye.” Dev: “I’d guess EPA but you’re dressed too well to care about the environment.” Kensi: “That’s insulting but thank you?”
3. Deeks: “You, what happened to the 5K?” Roberta: “I’m not going. If I have to elbow my way through a crowd for a prize, I’m gonna do it at Best Buy on Black Friday.”
4. Roberta: “You’re young. I get that. I was young once too, but trust me. You don’t want to wake up one morning with a pillow full of those golden locks and a heart full of regret.” Deeks: “Okay, alright, fair enough. Listen, I’ve always supported you and I’m always gonna support you. I’m just a little worried that you’re taking on too much.”

New Amsterdam -
1. Sharpe: “So after all the help that you gave us in Rikers, after everything, you were just using us?” Jackie: “Yeah, that's how you survive. Her gang uses me, I use you, everyone has a price, and everything is for sale, alright? We don't get the luxury of caring.” (Sandi)
2. Ligon: “You ask me to monitor your medication, and then you accuse me of stealing it. You ask me to hold you up, and then a minute later to drop you. Do you even care about getting better?” Bloom: “Yes, I want to get better so I can help. Otherwise, what's the point? Who am I getting better for?” (Sandi)
3. Park: “Dr. Frome, what do you think would happen if you stopped helping people?” Iggy: "They'd see..umm.." Park: "Iggy what would they see?” Iggy: “They would see what a complete loser I am. Just corny, nerdy, fat, worthless, nothing. I know it's not healthy, and I have this voice in my head, and it's a really loud one. And it's saying that one of these days, you're gonna realise that you can do so much better than me. My ability to help people, that's all I have. That's the only thing I even like about myself. Without that, I just can't think of a reason why you would keep me around. I can't.” Park: “Dr. Frome, I'm gonna ask Martin to do something now, and it would be great if you could just sit and listen. Is that okay? Yeah, okay. Martin, will you tell your husband three things that you think are good about him?” Martin: “You're kind, you are a wonderful father, and you are beautiful. You're hilarious. You're patient. You're smart. You make friends everywhere you go 'cause they see what I see. You shine. You're amazing. You're the love of my life, and my life is so much better than I ever thought it was gonna be because of you, Iggy. I love you.” (Sandi)

Single Parents -
1. Douglas: “I’m not judging. I’m just merely labelling your hypocrisy and thinking less of you for it.”
2. Angie: “So just to be clear, you want to deal with Sharon’s pregnancy by tailing Miggy’s girlfriend?” Poppy: “You bet your a** I do. Yeah, because I am done letting this over-sharing, milk-hating, rotary-phone-not-remembering generation get away with it.”
3. Will: “This is about helping Sophie develop a strong moral compass, and yes, I’ve picked out my suit for the student of the year ceremony. Heads up, this guy’s going with maroon.” Douglas: “It’s not a suit if it isn’t black. It’s a costume.”

Stumptown -
1. Ansel: “I have to finish the list first.” Grey: “Why do you have to finish the list?” Ansel: “I want to be a man, just like you.” Grey: “Okay, you think you need to finish this list before you ask her out and you’ve seen me do all this stuff, right? Okay, I know plenty of guys who can’t do half the stuff on this list and they ask out girls all the time, so you’re already ahead of like 75% of the population. Being a real man has nothing to do with the things on that list. A real man, he keeps his promises, and he makes sacrifices so he can be there for the people he loves, and he does the little things to show them how much he cares, like making Dex coffee every morning. You don't need to finish this list before you ask her out. You're ready right now. You’re already a man.”
2. Tookie: “You did a good thing...for once. Dex, are you okay? Throwing any more parties I should avoid.”
3. Dex to a Jesus statue: “Okay, how does this work? We both know I have made mistakes. There are things that I would do differently if I could, but I’, I’m helping people now. You know good people like Jeremy. I’m trying to right the karmic balance, or whatever, and now I’m blending religions. I’m sorry. Alright. You know the one time that I said I didn’t want to take care of Ansel - one time - I didn’t mean that so if you had anything to do with him moving out, I'm sorry I said that. I was frustrated with my parents and not with him. Okay, good talk.”
4. Miles: “It’s not about the rules. Look, it’s about who you are and why you’re doing this. You have a past. I don’t want you to be tempted to go back to that. These guys are gonna start feeling like your friends. They’re not.”

The Unicorn -
1. Delia: “You just gotta take it easy.” Michelle: “Take it easy? I've got four kids. I've got laundry to do, beds to make, hair to braid, meals to cook, and yelling alone is a full-time job.” (Sandi and Dahne)
2. Noah: “So we're gonna plant the tree there?” Wade: “Yeah. Yes, we are.” Noah: “All right. And then we can go get me a sword.” Wade: “I've got something better. I'm gonna get you your own shovel.” Noah: “That wishing well is terrible.” (Sandi)
3. Wade: “That Noah is a pretty wise kid.” Ben: “Yeah (pause) really?” Wade: “Yeah, he taught me something. Thinking too much is dumb.”
4. Noah: “We should just put a tree there.” Wade: “Yeah, you can’t just put a tree wherever you want to, kiddo.” Noah: “Isn’t that a good place for a tree?” Wade: “Well that’s not the point. When you’re a grownup you;ve got to make plans and you’ve got to stick to them.” Noah: “That’s dumb.” Wade: “Maybe, but it keeps you from making mistakes.” Noah: “Who cares about making mistakes? I make them all the time.”
5. Caroline: “Wade, I feel like it, you know, was yesterday we couldn’t get you to open up in these meetings. I miss those days.” Wade: “I know. I just really have to sort this out. How will I know if I’m ready for a serious relationship?” Emma: “I can help you with that. You’re not.”

Young Sheldon -
1. Mary: “Paige is having a rough time at home right now, and I think she could really use a friend.” Sheldon: “A crocodile could really use a meal, but that doesn't mean I should leap into his mouth.” (Julia)
2. Paige: “Why are you taking a backpack to the mall?” Sheldon: “This is my mall safety kit. Earplugs to drown out crowd noise, Wet-Naps to wipe down escalator handrails, a compass, a map of the mall, and a whistle, in case I get lost or approached by a woman holding a perfume bottle.” (Julia)
3. Sheldon: “Everyone behind the counter has an earring where an earring does not belong.” (Julia)
4. Sheldon: “Why would I steal glitter? I already have a sparkling personality.” (Julia)
5. Adult Sheldon: “The ‘Hot Beverage of Comfort’ would become my go-to method of dealing with someone in emotional distress. And it always worked. Except when my wife was in labor, where it was suggested I throw it in my own face.” (Julia and Dahne)
6. Sheldon: “This isn’t the Hello Kitty store.” Paige: “No, it’s Hot Topic.” Sheldon: “What’s the topic? Devil worship?”
7. George: “Whatcha doing?” Sheldon: “Paige is feeling sad so I’m making her a hot beverage.” George: “Oh well, you’re a good kid. I’m proud of you.” Sheldon: “Thank you.” Voice over: “Of all my accomplishments, I don’t know why he singled this moment out, but I’m glad he did.”
8. Missy: “Is there a way to do this so it doesn’t hurt?” Paige: “No, beauty is pain.” Missy: “Boy George must really suffer.”