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Fresh Off the Boat - College - Review: Messy Jessy

11 Oct 2019

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Okay, why wasn't this the premiere? Funnier, better paced, with a clear goal - this is FoTB at it's best. Let's get into why this felt like a true kickstart to the new season.

We start with a Matrix parody, which is surprisingly apt, and gets to take a shot at Louis's hair obsession. Jessica is used to ruling over her house with an iron fist. Reality in the Huang household is whatever she says it is. And sure, Eddie has always been rebellious, but the older he gets the more he's free to do what he wants, regardless of what his mom thinks about it. If his mom wants a say in how he plans his future, she has to talk to him, not just yell at him. Jessica and Eddie's maturing relationship was one of my favorite parts of last season, and I'm thankful to see it coming back again this year. A more adult Eddie is the perfect foil for control freak Jessica. She sees some of her least favorite traits from her past in him, and she can't just order him to do what she wants like she can with Emery and Evan (most of the time), which means she has to confront her past in order to connect with him. Seeing them laugh over her "Messy Jessy" stage is sweet, and them bonding over their shaving cream balloon is awesome. Poor Louis, of course he was a nerd in college. And of course he got a head full of shaving cream. It's probably be a good thing Jessica and Eddie aren't on the same team all the time. The rest of the family, aside from Jenny, would be in so much trouble.

Ah, Y2K. That weird time where we all thought a computer glitch was going to send us into the post-technology apocalypse. Emery, Evan, and Jenny's escapades were hardly the weirdest thing that someone did in fear of the coming end times. I know that if push came to shove, I was prepared to go all The 100 cast on people in the run-up to 2000; I was a terrifying elementary schooler. Anyway, the B-story was fun and silly, and I wonder if their spending spree will have an impact on the rest of the season. And is this the end of Emery's acting dreams? I hope not; the kid doesn't have a lot to hang his hat on, they shouldn't take what he's got. Jenny's crush on Danny DeVito is excellent, and I hope we get to see it again, as well as Y2K being used like the '99 version of YOLO.

So did this feel like the better start to the season to anyone else? Comment below and let me know if you're also tempted to start using Y2K as the new YOLO/Treat Yo Self. It's catchy.

90's Stuff: Matrix parody, Y2K

Best Line: "Me versus me. That is interesting. Who would win? Me."