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Reef Break – Season Finale – Review: Has Cat used up all her nine lives

26 Sept 2019

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As we head into the Fall Season, Summer has drawn to a close and what better way to round it up than with a look back at the latter part of the season of this gem of a show. Poppy Montgomery’s own production company developed a very likable drama that didn’t really take itself too seriously which was perfect for the Summer season.

Reef Break had me tuning in every week to see the escapades on the Reef and more importantly its female protagonist, Cat Chambers. Cat’s moral compass tends to be on the side of good but its the lines of the law that are blurry.

It has been said Reef Break is like that great blockbuster you take to the beach and can’t put down. Interesting storyline and likable characters also a romantic triangle/quadrangle! that had us all guessing.

Cat also came up against some formidable foes but always in the background was Doug O’Casey head of the crime syndicate the shore pound gang and ex-flame of Cat’s whom she helped put away.

One thing the show always showcased was strong females, the heads of the police department’s, Ex-CIA agent, top fences and of course the Deputy Governor Ana Du Mont.

The male leads were not given second billing but Cat and her female cohorts never really needed them to get out of a jam.

In fact, the male leads where were the romantic entanglements lie. FBI Agent Jake Elliot, soon to be ex-husband of Cat's and the charming yet determined Police Sergeant Wyatt Cole.
When Cat’s life hung in the balance in Dream Lover its no surprise her dreams were of these two like something from a Mills and Boon novel. They did become heroes of the hour tracking down the antidote just in time.

Doug O’Casey, however, is the bad boy you know you shouldn’t get involved with but somehow do and uses Cat’s kryptonite, Petra a young girl who Cat is trying to stop taking the dark path into the gang. Petra’s father was killed by Cat in order to save herself and Jake. Doug hired her father to kill them after he learned of their relationship.

Things heat up when Doug call’s Cat, asking her to come to the prison, but he has used Petra to set Cat up to help with his prison break and this leads us to an exciting two-part finale.

Cat is labeled as public enemy number one next to Doug and his fellow escapee’s pulling out all the stops. Cat had to land and think on her feet and does give Doug the slip escaping then reconnecting with both Jake and Wyatt who are unsure where her loyalties lie and both risking their careers in the hopes, they are right about her.

All the characters come into play, included Carter Eastland and his handful of a daughter. Doug plays her too to get the money and means to try and escape the Island. It’s no surprise, in the end, its Cat who captures Doug. A shocking discovery is made by Ana and her brother Wyatt the Governor might have had something to do with Casey’s escape plan. Unfortunately, he has a heart attack before they can question him. Ana takes over as Governer and the first order of business is stating they aren't pressing charges against Cat Chambers, after all, she has helped them fix a few things throughout the series. It does look like Cat may have damaged her relationship with both Jake and Wyatt.

Jake leaves the Reef, Wyatt seems to be getting cozy with Eastland and his daughter. Petra finally realizes she has been played and knows Cat had her back.

When Cat goes to Jakes boat he is long gone leaving his wedding ring but as it explodes Cat is taken.

With a cliff hanger ending, I hope Reef Break returns to ride the waves next summer...

Did you enjoy the series and hope to see more Reef break

Please comment below.