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Scene Of The Week - August 4, 2019 + POLL

4 Aug 2019

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

AGENTS OF SHIELD, "New Life", August 2, 2019, Actors: Clark Gregg, Chloe Bennet, Elizabeth Henstridge, Henry Simmons, The Scene: The ending
It's quite impossible to choose just one scene to highlight from this excellent season finale. It was action-packed, emotional, funny, scary, heartbreaking and mind-blowing from the start. Whether it was Deke's honest conversation with his grandparents, one of the many excellent fights or May dying in Daisy's arms, every moment mattered and was beautifully acted, written and directed. When we got to the ending scene there was just so much to process, Jemma's distant behavior, Fitz's absence, the time travel (!!) and yet the part that got me the most was the very last reveal. It's the return of Coulson, or rather the most advanced LMD version of him yet. I'm so glad to see him back on the show, it's impossible and insane, controversial and heartwarming. It seems so fitting that after all this time Coulson really did die of the injury from the Avengers, and he came back as LMD. I remember this as one of the most popular theories before the show even started and it feels like a full circle to actually get to this point. Because as strange as it may seem, it makes all the sense in the world to ask Coulson for his help when it comes to the Chronicoms since they're attacking SHIELD throughout its history. He's already proved many times to be an expert on the subject. I love that Daisy didn't even hesitate to push that button. Because of course she would, it's Coulson and with everything that's happened, he's exactly who she would want to see. I'm excited about the many possibilities this ending opens, maybe even a meeting with Agent Carter herself? Whatever happens I can't wait to continue to follow these characters' journey in their final season. Kudos to the entire cast & crew for all their excellent work.

EUPHORIA, "The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed", July 28, 2019, Actors: Hunter Schafer, Quintessa Swindell, Bobbi Salvör Menuez, The Scenes: Jules tells TC and Anna about the stages of her transition & Jules realizes she misses Rue
William: In a rather provocative scene, viewers witness the origin story of Jules’ gender identity as she reflects upon the stages of her transition among her friend TC and their gorgeous roommate Anna. What ensues is a rather complex discussion surrounding womanhood through the intersections of sex, femininity and queerness as Anna challenges Jules' understanding of the concept to move beyond the male gaze. This is yet another prime example of Euphoria unmasking the rawness surrounding the human expression by depicting relevant conversation through a perspective beyond the cis-hetero view that we’re accustomed to seeing.
Diana: Jules realizes she misses Rue after a wild party with her old friends. Their bond is beautiful and in some way, one of the purest thing in this show. It is ironic to find a light point inside this show, since Euphoria is a raw and cold well-written teen drama.

iZOMBIE, "All's Well That Ends Well", August 1, 2019, Actors: Rose McIver, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley and more, The Scenes: The confrontation on live television & The final scene
Justyna: iZombie has been such an interesting show, a hidden gem on The CW schedule that a lot of people never had a chance to experience. It's a shame because it's been a wonderful journey and I'm so glad we got to see a happy ending for all our heroes in this finale. It's not exactly one that I would expect but it's still great for them. Rose McIver and the entire cast have been excellent throughout the years and I hope they're happy with what they've accomplished. The scene I wanted to highlight is the turning point of the fight. The moment when the world learns that the cure is finally available to everyone and the nightmare can finally end. But before that happens they still need a proof that it's a real deal. Major volunteers to sacrifice his life and have the new commander of Fillmore-Graves shoot him on live television. Enzo doesn't hesitate to take multiple shots and everyone's reactions say it all. As we learn later Major never actually got the cure from Ravi but the fact that he was willing to sacrifice himself proves exactly what kind of person he truly is at his core. Before Enzo can end Major's life he is attacked and taken down by none other than Ravi. Ravi really saves the day in the moment, he uses the cure on Enzo who is later shot and killed by a man whose life he had destroyed. The world learns the truth, the change is finally on its way and the friendship between Ravi and Major certainly makes a difference in the end. It's such a powerful, emotional moment. Luckily all our heroes survive but it doesn't take away from the importance of this scene. Kudos to the whole cast & crew of the show for all their great work on the series.
Marko: The final scene with the core 5.

JETT, "Dillon", August 2, 2019, Actors: Michael Aronov, Carla Gugino and more, The Scene: Jack storms Charlie’s house
Having struck out prematurely in rage last week, Jackie’s actions have caused Charles Jnr to retreat to his father for protection and advice, which means that he had to act now or probably lose the chance to have his revenge. One desperate man, no matter how much his fury had made him a dangerous and unpredictable target to defend against, was never going to get very far once inside Charles’ property with all the security measures he had in place. So, it’s a good thing that Jett was well placed to be his surprise back-up once things turned south for him. I fully expected to see Jnr’s death before the end of the season, though I had envisioned something more painful and drawn out for his demise after his shitty behaviour towards others. However, I found him being gunned down by Jett whilst in full tantrum mode over how he was to be addressed quite satisfying in the end. His demise being part of the bigger picture in her and Charles’ plot rather than tied to his wannabe gangster fuck ups that we’ve seen him in through the season is both how his character deserved to go out, and how the story was best served this close to the showdown we know is coming in next week’s finale.

LEGION, "Chapter 25", July 29, 2019, Actors: Pearl Amanda Dickson, Jemaine Clement, Jean Smart, The Scene: Young Syd pleads with Oliver and Melanie
Laura B:
16 year old Syd pleads with Oliver and Melanie to save Cynthia. It's kind of hard to pick a scene from an episode in which scenes worked together to add up to a whole, more than there being a scene that really stood out, but I chose this scene, because of the point it makes, where this new version of Sydney shows compassion, instead of snide contempt, as this second life gave her chance to learn how to love, before learning how to hate. Now all we can hope for is that Sydney is transformed for the better, not for the worst!

PENNYWORTH, "Pilot", July 28, 2019, Actors: Jack Bannon, Paloma Faith and more, The Scene: The Pennyworth family turns the table
Alfred returns home after rescuing his girlfriend, Esmé. He's greeted by an angry Sykes and her goons standing over his mother and father. I was expecting this sequence to be another quick tussle with Alfred overtaking the guards and winning the day. I knew I was wrong when, after being slapped a couple of times Esmé knocked Sykes on her butt. The tussle I was expecting turned into a full on brawl with Alfred's mother and father getting their own shots in. It ended with Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth kicking one of their attackers into unconsciousness. I wasn't the only one staring at the scene gobsmacked. Alfred seemed a bit taken aback by his Yup. I'm sticking around for more of this one. Besides, how bizarre is it that Sykes, who was holding Esmé hostage, got upset because Esmé tried to escape?

POSE, "Blow", July 30, 2019, Actors: Dominique Jackson and more, The Scene: Elektra tries to distract the enemy’s neighbour
Dominique Jackson continues to captivate viewers with her comedic timing and decadent delivery. As Blanca, Pray Tell and the house children attempt to humiliate the wicked witch Frederica, Elektra makes an effort to distract the enemy’s neighbour by embellishing on a fictitious tale. Unfortunately, such a ploy doesn’t bode well with the neighbour who resorts to calling the cops - prompting Elektra to berate her in the most hilarious way. “... you should be arrested for showing yourself in that ratty old house dress. Now run home, Wonderbread. And take your ugly dog too! This ain’t the yellow brick road, BITCH.”

SIREN, "New World Order", August 1, 2019, Actors: Rena Owen and more, The Scene: Helen is tested on the side of the road
The world knows about mermaids and humans react the way we all know they'll react; the worst way they can. The voices of people crying out to destroy, capture or display the species drown out the voices crying for coexistence. Helen has been warned to get out of Bristol Cove. As Helen drives through a military checkpoint at the edge of town she discovers, the hard way, that the military (a) has a test to determine whether you're human or not and (b) are using it to detain hybrid mermaids. It was a chilling moment in a disturbing episode. It brought to mind the Japanese internment camps and the current immigrant issues. That moment stuck with me.

THE 100, "Adjustment Protocol", July 30, 2019, Actors: Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Lindsey Morgan and more, The Scenes: Abby's death & Clarke and Abby reunite
I couldn't quite decide which scene I should highlight from the episode. After all her struggles in the last few seasons it was good to finally see Abby as the person she used to be. I was glad to see her reunite with Clarke, especially after her meeting with "Josephine" at the beginning of the hour. It was also a beautiful moment to watch her finally apologize to Raven and to see them truly on the same side once more. Sadly all of this came to an end a moment later when it becomes clear that Russell decided to use Abby as a new vessel for his wife, Simone. The part when Abby falls is heartbreaking but also wonderfully done. The editing alone is spot-on as we see flashes from Abby's life in her final moment and all the people she loved. The reactions from Raven and Jackson hit even harder. They see someone they both love and care about dying in front of their eyes and there's nothing they can do. It's a terrible act that later leads to another memorable scene where Clarke breaks down over her loss but is forced to continue to pretend to be Russell's daughter. The consequences of Abby's death will surely be felt on the show in its future episodes, her departure might have been expected but this moment will remain one of the most powerful and emotional parts of the hour for me.
Marko: Clarke and Abby reunite. Also picked by Diana

THE BOYS, "You Found Me", July 26, 2019, Actors: Karl Urban, Antony Starr, The Scene: The Cliffhanger
Kollin: Throughout the series, we were led to feel nothing but hate for Homelander, and then as we learn more about his background and how he was manipulated throughout his entire life, we begin to feel sympathy. On the opposite end is Butcher, who we root for for most of the series, until he begins to be taken over by his lust for revenge. The character work is tremendous in The Boys, and it is genius how the writers build this complex story and the characters right up to the last minute of the season. Both Homelander and Butcher are now kind of like in the neutral zone in terms of hate/love, leaving us at a diabolical cliffhanger as the awful truth that binds them both is revealed.
Sandi: Homelander is a richly layered character whose journey has been fascinating to watch unfold over the season, and Starr has been incredible at portraying that creepy and off-kilter tone that lies just beneath the surface of his duplicitous nature. Meanwhile, Urban's turn as the anti-hero has been just as compelling. Billy Butcher's single minded pursuit has driven him to the brink of a different kind of instability, one where those around him have dropped him and the mission they all thought they were working towards. In many ways he has mirrored his nemesis throughout the show by being just as two-faced and secretive as the man he despises. The finale reveal is one that leaves the two characters bonded in a way that neither of them ever saw coming, and will make their season two relationship even more entwined which I am looking forward to seeing play out as I'd love to see more scenes between the two actors.

THE HANDMAID'S TALE, "Liars", July 31, 2019, Actors: Elisabeth Moss, Joseph Fiennes, Christopher Meloni and more, The Scenes: Commander Waterford is arrested & June kills Commander Winslow
Claire: Commander Waterford is arrested after being tricked to drive over the Canadian border in hopes of retrieving baby Nicole. I was both crying and squealing with joy, finally we got some justice. It was so satisfying to hear the charges that he is accused of; rape, kidnapping, human rights violations. For me, The Handmaid's Tale mirrors my country’s horrible Trumpian government so this may be the closest I get to seeing Trump dragged out of The White House in handcuffs. And for now, I’ll take it.
Laura B: June kills Commander Winslow. The season on the whole has tried to be more hopeful than previous seasons. That's not to say that it still doesn't dabble in horrific conflict and violence. After all, without it, there would be no story to tell, but rather the season is giving June some wins, despite the obstacles she's facing. In this scene where Winslow attempts to rape her, we see June try and reason with herself that she can sustain going through this again, but unlike all the other instances, Winslow is completely cruel and aggressive and doesn't serve any other purpose at all than to dominate. In truth June had just rightfully had it! But the scene was so well done, because there was realism to both strength that Winslow poses and June's reaction to grab anything she can to defend herself. Between the pen and the bronze statue, she was able to come out a survivor.
Diana: Commander Waterford is (finally) arrested! I guess I almost saw this coming, but not like that! I wonder if Serena will have the same treatment, will she pay for being part of Commander's crimes?