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Reef Break - Mid Season- Review : Surfs Up

22 Aug 2019

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Sorry for the lack of reviews I was away then ill then away again and before you know it the weeks have come and gone. I have managed to get all caught up on this amazing summer show that I adore and the misadventures of Cat Chambers.
The last few episodes I am going to put together in a mid-season review.

The Green Tide, The Two O’clock Flight, Despot, and The Comeback.

As we come up towards the middle of the season there is no surprise things start heating up on the reef and the players start making their moves. It's up to Cat Chambers to work out who is playing who as the stakes get even higher in the latest episodes of this highly captivating series.

In 'Green Tide', we get to learn more about Carter Eastland, while the governor may be in charge it's Eastland that seems to be a lot more than a businessman who has control of a lot of interest on Reef Island. However, when one of his oil refinery’s gets blown up it's up to Cat Chambers and her friends to try and figure out if it was the work of eco-terrorists or is there more going on than meets the eye.
Eastland’s personal assistant is quick to point the fingers at the terrorists. Styler Eastland’s head of security and all-round man that gets the job done is chatting with Wyatt, is he calling in the favor that Cat knows Wyatt owes Styler. She thinks there may be more to the explosion than meets the eye. It does seem that Styler was playing a very dangerous game and used a vendetta his assistant had against Eastland to kill Eastland. Its Wyatt who shoots the assistant just as Cat is talking her down when she is armed with a bomb strapped to her chest. Cat gives Wyatt the cold shoulder as she clearly wonders where his motives lied.

In Two o’clock flight the hunt is on for Eastland, but he takes his own life before they can question him however not before calling off the next set of would-be killers. Of course, they are on their way to the reef on a flight. As Jake and Cat try to intercept them it becomes a hostage situation and Cat uses her skills to impersonate the assistant governor much to her displeasure to try and talk the killers down it’s a game of cat and mouse and as they storm the plane Cat once again almost uses one of her nine lives.

Despot has us wondering if Cat has left her old life behind. While Cat is attempting to enjoy a nice bit of surfing her beach gets mobbed by armed guards due to her new neighbors, a general who may have fled his country for more than just political reasons. When the bullets start flying, he sets his sights on Cat, but she has her eyes on the jewelry collection that disappeared the same time he did. Jake knows Cat won’t change and wonders what she is up to but she asks him to tell Petra how her father died.

More pieces are revealed what happened to Cat, why Petra hates her and why she is still very connected to the man she put away Doug O’Casey.

In ‘The Comeback’ an old surf rival of Cat’s surfing comeback may be down to more than just physio when the surf competition turns to a harpoon hunting trip. Cat gets involved in an opioid distribution but keeps the cops and Jake out the loop to protect her friend. At one point you wonder is she in it for the score and a little twist with the nemesis she put away hence man saving her back.

As we approach the last few episodes there is still a lot more to Cat Chambers and the Reef than we have seen. I like the fact Cat isn’t a goody-two-shoes she enjoys being a bit naughty but always seems to have a conscience and do the right thing even if it might not be lawful.

Reef Break has certainly given us a nice refreshing Summer cocktail of a series and I can’t wait to see what else it has in store for us.
I also like the fact while at times it can be on the lighter side it has some raw emotions in there and a lot of complicated history that is slowly coming to light each week. All the characters are very complex and driven in their own way.

Reef break 10/9 Abc

So, do you think Cat can change?

Will she ever sign those divorce papers?