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Interview - Submit your questions for Gotham's David Mazouz and more

22 Jul 2019

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Disclaimer Not all questions may be picked and a screenshot of your tweet/fb post/IG comment may be displayed on stage and shown to the guest.

Once again I am off to another Comic Con and meeting some of the guests. This time its MCM Comic Con Manchester where I will be interviewing some of the celebrity guests on stage.

I want to give you guys the opportunity to ask some questions to the guests attending the event. I have 3 panels over the weekend for the following:

David Mazouz: TV's Gotham and Touch
Nolan North & Troy Baker: Nolan appeared on pretty little liars and is a voice actor alongside Troy Baker on games such as uncharted and the recently announced Avengers game.
Samantha Ireland, Jen Brown and Shannon McCormick: Voice actors who are most known for their work on the animated series RWBY.

If you have any questions, you can send them to me via my social media below:


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