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2019 Character Cup - Nominations

13 Jul 2019

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IMPORTANT NOTE - Due to a mistake on my part, we will be holding a nominating poll for the remaining characters. If you have already voted in the other polls, please scroll below to vote in the nominating poll too.

With the Favorite Episode now officially crowned, SpoilerTV’s summer contest lineup continues with the Character Cup. A well-written and well-acted character can transport us to new worlds, inspire us with new experiences, and help us understand new perspectives. A well-crafted character comes alive until we care about them almost like a real person. The Character Cup highlights and honors those characters. So reflect back on all those characters you just can’t forget, those whose shows are long ended to those still on the air. It’s nomination time!

What’s the Same:

The Character Cup works similarly to the Episode and Series Competitions. 64 characters compete head-to-head, with the winner advancing to the next round until only one is left. If you haven't participated in the Character Cup on SpoilerTV before, it's simply a way to show your favorite characters some love and pass the time until the fall season starts. There's nothing serious about it

What’s Different:

To help include more fandoms, each show can only be represented by 1 character and only 1 character per actor. Also, once a character wins the Character Cup, they are retired and cannot be a part of future Character Cups. This ensures a new victor each year. If we have a tie at the nomination stage, nominating and ranking polls will be held.

The Character Cup also has 3 added features. There is a prediction contest where you can try to predict the winners. A mini-contest runs concurrent with the Cup as it comes to an end, so more people can stay involved. Previous mini-contests included Favorite Villain, Favorite TV Theme Song, and Favorite TV Animal. I’m looking for suggestions for this year’s contest.

My favorite addition though is TV Talk. Each day there is a new TV topic to discuss so even if you don't have anyone to vote for that day, you can still be part of the conversation. If you have any topic suggestions, please nominate them. I can't wait to talk TV with you.


1. Only 1 submission per person. If you submit multiple times ALL of your submissions will be removed. Only nominations with both the character AND the TV show will be counted. Also please use the character's first and last name if you can. If a character is always called by their nickname, that works too.

2. You have to nominate 3-4 characters on the same nomination form. They can be from shows currently airing, those long ended, and everything in between. Only characters from scripted shows are eligible though.

3. Nominating more than 1 character from the same show or more than 1 character per actor will invalidate ALL of your nominations.

4. Please do NOT nominate Jack Shephard (LOST), Dean Winchester (Supernatural), Castiel (Supernatural), Root (Person of Interest), Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest), Alex Danvers (Supergirl), or Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer). These characters are already past winners and therefore cannot run again. Any nominations for them will be invalid.

5. Nominations will close at noon CST on July 13.

6. Questions? Ask in the comments below.


Nominations - close at noon CST on July 13
Nominating/ranking polls - July 13 for less than 24 hours
Prediction contest - begins July 14 and ends July 16
Character Cup begins - July 17