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Interview with Superstore's Lauren Ash

9 May 2019

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I had the pleasure to have a quick interview with Superstore's Lauren Ash who plays Dina, during this weeks PaleyLive red carpet event. I handed her my microphone, and she could clip it onto her white polka dot evening dress while making a little joke " Pro. I also work in sound." We discussed the season 4 finale. "The season finale is going to be huge, extreme, dark and something that we've never done before." We also talked about a fan-favorite storyline. Garret letting Dina's birds out of their cage, but he leads Dina to believe she was at fault. Dina still doesn't know the truth.

Shirleena: What can we expect from the season 4 finale?

Lauren Ash: Listen, season 4 finale of Superstore is going to blow people's minds. OK! It's going to literally surpass every season finale that we've done prior to now. It's bigger than all the previous season finales that we've seen. It's also very extreme and very dark. I don't know how they're going to get us out of it. ( laughs) in season 5 truthfully. I don't think they even know. But I'm really excited for people to see it. Because I think it's going to blow people minds as much as it blew ours!

Shirleena: Will Garrett ever tell Dina the truth about her birds?

Lauren Ash: Listen, I can't get into details, what I can tell you, we will address the bird issue before the of season 4.

It was great fun talking with Lauren Ash at the Paley Center. She has such fire and spirit that it's no wonder Dina is so much fun to watch! New episodes of Superstore are on Thursday night at 8pm on NBC