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Empire - Pay For Their Presumptions - Review

10 Oct 2018

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This second episode of the fifth season of Empire continues to follow the right path. After getting back on track with last season finale and the beginning of this new season, Pay For Their Presumptions explores the aftermath of Lucious’ and Cookie’s new challenges.

Without Empire’s resources, they struggle while trying to launch the career of their new artist Treasure. It’s interesting to see how the writers are recreating the same pattern that we saw in the flashbacks: it all comes to a full circle, but there is a hard way ahead for the Lyons in order to create a new family business. In the meanwhile, Hakeem is still having troubles with Tiana. These two can’t hold it together, and it’s getting boring. I like their chemistry, but this is starting to be repetitive.

Jamal is still dealing with the consequences of his big return and his absence, and he also has his new boyfriend all the time around. I have to be honest: I am not rooting for them, Kai is not charming at all, but I hope the writers won’t mess Jamal up again and again. He had so many problems that he needs to catch a break.

The most interesting part is once again revolving around Andre: he is still in prison and his release could be delayed. Andre has always been a complex figure in the Empire’s universe and I believe that this new path will possibly create new pleasant surprises. I really loved when the three brothers reunited in jail and had a confrontation. Empire’s family moments are the best.

On the negative side, I really can’t stand Giselle. Ok, she is the new villain, and she is also a trainwreck. After mercilessly letting Eddie die, she finds out that she won’t be the CEO and this ambitious role is undertaken by Kingsley. How will they develop her storyline? Will she be an ally for the Lyons? For now, I really loved the hilarious moments of rage, but I believe that her character doesn't have any appeal or complexity.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t as promising as the premiere, but the rhythm is still strong and the flashforwards are always juicy and gripping. And you? What do you think of “Pay For Their Presumptions”?