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Trial & Erorr - A Big Break & Barcelona - Double Review: Leave Your Murder After the Beep

30 Aug 2018

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It's important after losing someone special to honor their memory with a moment of silence. I have been EXTRA silent this week due to losing both Mickey Moose and Trial & Error itself (also a lot of other people died). It's been an emotional time for me, as I'm sure you can relate, and I want the tales of East Peck to continue forever. Part of me still has faith that in this day and age someone somewhere someday will grant us a third season, but in the meantime I'm also just really thrilled with the two chapters we were gifted. Guys, Trial & Error: Lady, Killer was such a great season of television. I have no complaints about it and will definitely continue to rewatch for years to come. So many people will discover this gem over time and I'm excited to watch that happen.

This is a big claim, but I personally thought season two was even better than the first. Obviously John Lithgow was incredible and the season itself ended up being a surprise favorite last year, but it didn't hit the ground running like it did in its sophomore run. Season one took a couple of episodes to really commit to being wacky-town-wacky-people-wacky-things-wacky-murder and make it work, but this season was more confident and therefore funnier. Bravo to all involved.

Let's briefly look at the general plot of our final two episodes before just raving a little longer about how great everyone was, shall we?

Basically every time Josh & Ass's get a lead, such as Forge Clooney proving Lavinia's passport was forged, that lead ends up dead, such as Forge Clooney being locked in a freezer. In fact, everyone involved with the case keeps turning up dead and that INCLUDES MICKEY MOOSE. It was tragic, and the entire town is shut down for a day of mourning while Lavinia maniacally sings at his funeral. This was truly the most psychopathic scene of the entire series. Obviously I loved it.

Jesse Ray told Josh and Dwayne that Chet had a tattoo, so they pay a visit to Reverend Tat for a picture of his work. One of the tattoos on Chet's back ends up
being coordinates that lead Dwayne and Anne back to Lavinia's garden and they dig up a chest that's filled with gold! Also simultaneously, despite spending the episode refusing to give birth, Josh takes Carol Anne to the veterinarian and she gives birth to a baby girl. What a happy moment, riches for everyone and a new baby!

But we have one more episode to wrap this up, so maybe it's not riches and babies for everyone! Josh is confident that the gold is the reason Lavinia murdered Chet and they just need to prove it. The team is on edge because two more people are dead (RIP Reverend Tat), and this is causing Anne to walk around with her middle fingers up because of another disease. She's realized that she's "one of those people who gets nervous when everyone around them is being murdered" and I honestly cannot blame her. Lavinia storms the office demanding they return her gold, and then makes an exit by forcing Dwayne to carry her out like a horse. Again, so diabolical. Love her.

The team then discovers that another suspect was arrested before Jesse Ray back in 2008 and it's because his hair was discovered at the crime scene, but PLOT TWIST his hair was used to make Lavinia's iconic wig. Atticus threw away this evidence because Lavinia was endorsing him for DA, and Josh finally has what he needs. The problem is the man is unreliable and doesn't show up to the trial, and Judge Kamiltow gives them one more try to finish this case. That's when Anne and Dwayne discover a fake bottom to the treasure chest filled with letters from Lavinia's long lost son.

In a move that surprises everyone, Josh calls Lavinia to the stand as a witness at the final trial. In her amazing "what do you think happened, Lawyer" way, Lavinia admits while not admitting that she was forced to give up her baby because it was a Reed and then discovered Chet and her mother had been hiding her long lost son's letters all these years. Chet was using the letters as leverage for the deed to Peck Gardens and that's why she murdered him. In yet another surprising move, Lavinia's son arrives but when Josh accuses him of being the murderer, Lavinia panics and admits guilt to save him. Also it turns out it wasn't her son, but just Dwayne's brother-cousin in a gold wig.

Did you follow that? It's okay if you didn't, the point is Lavinia is finally arrested and gives one final show before being taken off to prison.

At the end of it all, East Peck grows a lot. Women win the right to be Flag Boys, they have their highest voter turnout at 6%, and Carol Anne wins DA. She and Josh find out that Josh is not the father of her new baby, Princess Anne, but something tells me they'll be together anyway. Oh, also Lavinia escapes prison and runs off to Barcelona Barthelona because of course she did.

Such a great ending for such a great season of such a great show. I know I left out a lot of stuff from the finale, but that's what's amazing about this show. There's so much going on all the time. Josh's good luck charm from Larry, Dwayne trying to recreate the marks on Chet's neck while the filmmakers repeatedly stress not to try it at home, Fluffy walking around the court room. It's endless and so clever. I don't think we'll see a better cast of characters for a while, and that's a shame. Nicholas D'Agosto is a totally charming lead with the best reactions. Carol Anne is such an original character played hilariously by Jayma Mays (seriously her physical comedy has been amazing!) Sherri Shepherd nails her lines and weird disorders every time. Steven Boyer makes the "dumb guy" thing feel fresh which is honestly hard. And to round it out, I think we can all agree that Kristin Chenoweth was born to play Lavinia and that we'll be quoting her for years.

Friends, thank you for reading along this season. I'm hoping we'll reunite for a surprise third season, but I'm also satisfied if this is the end. Murder Board! Murder Board! Murder Board!

What'd you think of the ending? How do you think Lavinia will live out her days in Barcelona Barthelona? Will Josh and Carol Anne get together? Did you notice that I didn't mention Nina once this entire review? What were your favorite parts? Do you think witches are coming to East Peck? Let me know in the comments!