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Dynasty - Episode 2.05 - Snippets

Episode 2.05

Alexis has a meeting with a former untalented artist named Thurston. The two of them seem to have a bit of history, and Thurston also has history with Blake whom is his most important client.

Thurston has sold Blake many fake paintings which Thurston notes has also benefited Alexis as its paid for her surgeries and shopping trips. Alexis wants Thurston to pay off Hank, get the painting back and leave the past behind.

Thurston later surprises Alexis by revealing Hank is buying the painting but Blake will be apprehending him. Alexis isn't happy with this as Blake being involved ruins everything. Thurston tries to reassure her it can't be traced back to them, Alexis is still fretting but between them all Thurston is more worried about staying on Blake's good side. Alexis tries to call Hank but he doesn't pick up and she knows she can't stop it.

Blake arrives at the meet with his security guards all geared up. Blake tells Thurston the thief won't even have all of his fingers so he has nothing to worry about, as the thief has no idea what's coming. Thurston feels a little better and Blake's all ready for the take down.