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Nashville - I Don’t Want to Lose You Yet - Advance Preview: "When I Grow Up"

17 Jul 2018

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“I Don’t Want to Lose You Yet” is the series’ penultimate episode and slightly shifts format as viewers prepare for series finale. Instead of focusing on three or four main plots, there are somewhere between six to eight subplots that are unequally sprinkled throughout the hour. So while this structure does limit the amount of time viewers have to sit through Scarlett and Maddie, it also limits the amount of time spent of Javery as well as the potential fallout from Daphne’s discovery last episode. It makes sense the showrunners would embrace this change of pace as it nicely sets up for whatever the finale holds. A couple loose threads are tied up in this episode and some left dangling are presumed to be wrapped up next episode. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Viewers will get to see how Daphne’s discovery of bourbon under Gideon’s bed plays out. It’s a really unfortunate mess Daphne finds herself stuck in. if she tells Deacon about Gideon’s drinking, then she risks losing another family member. If she doesn’t say anything, then she runs of the risk of Gideon becoming violent and potentially abusive. It’s a situation no 14-year-old should have to deal with, yet she finds herself right in the middle of it. What I’m somewhat confused about is why the writers would introduce Deacon’s father and try to convince us and Deacon that he’s changed only for Gideon to still be drinking. I get that Deacon needed to deal with his past trauma from his childhood and his father, but it just almost seems cruel at this point for him to possibly go through it all again. I mean, we’ve seen him struggle with addition, battle cancer, lose both his sister and his wife and then have to end his relationship with Jessie. Does he really need to be hurt and betrayed by his father yet again after he’s been working so hard to move past it? It just seems like cruel and unusual punishment. Besides forcing Deacon to deal with this resentment and anger he’s had for his father for decades, I really hope this experience finally lets Deacon move on. He has lived so much of his life being angry at his father – he even said in alcoholics anonymous that he isn’t sure who he is without it – so hopefully he can finally put the past behind him and live out the rest of his days doing what makes him happy. Whether that means pursuing a solo career in music or being with Jessie, I’m not sure, but after all he’s been through, he’s the character who most deserves a happily ever after.

Meanwhile, Avery and Juliette come together this episode after a medical scare, and the lines of communication start to open. As for how far the lines of communication actually go I can’t say, but viewers will get a straight answer this episode as to why Juliette didn’t tell Avery she was pregnant as soon as she got back in Nashville. Her reasoning is very different from when she was pregnant with Cadence and shows how much she’s grown, even if she doesn’t always show that side of herself. The Juliette viewers see this episode is very different from the first half of season 6, but that doesn’t mean she has lost her fire. She also continues her mission to take down the Movement for the Coherent Philosophy, despite suffering a setback last episode. For me, this is the best version of Juliette viewers have seen in a long time. She’s caring and compassionate with her family while still ready to be “take no prisoners” Juliette when she needs to be. I really wish we could have spent more time with this version of the character as she is finally the country music star both viewers and the series deserve. While I feel Juliette could and should have been this person after the plane crash, I guess it’s better late than never. (Not really, but I’d rather we end the series with this version of her). As for Avery, well, he continues to question his future with Alannah. Alannah keeps pushing Avery away, saying she doesn’t want to come between him and Juliette, and Avery keeps insisting it’s over with his ex-wife and he wants to be with Alannah. We’ve seen the couple do this dance for several episodes now, and I really wish they would make a definitive decision. It’s either time for them to break up or figure out a way to make this relationship work; it’s enough with the back and forth.

So it seems the writers finally remembered this is a music-based show, as actual singing and performing are once again at the forefront of several plots. In this episode, Scarlett and Sean organize a benefit for the ranch and enlist some of the series regulars to perform. And yes, that means viewers will actually see Scarlett willingly get up on stage and sing. I can’t even remember the last time that happened, and while the character can annoy me to no end, she really is a talented singer. Viewers still have to deal with Scarlett trying to save Sean, but I think she may be finally ready to take her own advice. I’m not going to say suffering through this whole subplot was worth it for Scarlett to realize her heart still lies with music, but if it has to end some way, I’d rather it end with Scarlett performing again than her ending up with Sean. As for the remaining series’ musicians, Gunnar receives inspiration from a surprising source. Fans who have combed through the photos will be well aware of who happens to stop by the series, and the individual’s conversation sends Gunnar off in a different direction musically. It’s something different than the sweet and sorrowful ballads fans are used to, but it surprisingly works. Ever since Alannah left the band and The Last Highways more or less broke up, Gunnar has been struggling with his music, so it’s nice for him to find his voice again, even if it’s an unexpected one. This poor guy has been jerked around for seasons, and he really does deserve a break when it comes to his career. Hopefully this new direction will provide him with some new opportunities moving forward as he really is a talent that deserves to be heard.

Some stray thoughts:

- In this episode, viewers also see Maddie challenging some of the choices Twig continues to make. While Jonah put Twig in a really unfair position, Twig should have told Maddie the truth sooner. I get that Jonah has opened up doors Twig wouldn’t have had the opportunity to explore otherwise, but his best friend is a douchebag who treated the girl he liked like trash. Like I’ve said Maddie deserves better, but is Twig better? I guess we’ll find out.
- Alannah deals with Brad’s continued inappropriate behavior, but her plan to play along hits the fan with a new revelation. I get that she’s trying to appease him with her flirty comments, hoping that those actions will be enough so Brad doesn’t punish her by stonewalling her career, but there has to be a better way to deal with him. Maybe she doesn’t feel comfortable reporting him for sexual harassment, but no one’s really buying this whole ‘I can handle him’ attitude.
- One character makes a very surprising announcement that we’ve all seen coming, but I just didn’t expect it to happen in this particular way. Also, two characters who haven’t really talked in episodes as well as two who have never really talked finally sit down and have a heart-to-heart.

So hit the comments below to let me know your thoughts. Does Juliette tell Avery she’s pregnant? Why was Gideon introduced now? Is it about time the series decided to refocus on music? Who makes a surprising announcement and what is it?