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Dynasty - Episode 2.02 - Snippets

Liam introduces Fallon to his Aunt and Uncle. His Uncle raises a toast to Liam and Fallon's marriage both personal and business, once papers are signed.

Liam's Aunt isn't happy over the marriage at all. She's been away at a Spa and proclaims if she'd found out sooner, she would've killed the deal as she doesn't want the family getting mixed up in new money like the Carringdon's.

Fallon refutes this and is called a CEO Barbie. Liam isn't happy with his Aunt insulting Fallon and as a result, his Aunt orders them to kill the deal otherwise she'll go to the press and kill it herself.

Fallon later pays a visit to his Aunt and Uncle. It's revealed Liam's Uncle made a pass at her, but has told his wife Fallon made a pass at him. Fallon asserts that her interest in Liam's Uncle is strictly business, but the door is still slammed on her face. Fallon then has a late night call with Liam's Uncle, where she doesn't mention the run in with his wife and instead suggests they talk.


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