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Lucifer - All Hands on Decker - Review

1 May 2018

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How much filler does one episode need? All Hands on Decker felt like more filler than story, especially with the bachelorette party scenes, all just for Chloe to finally give us some kind of insight into why she’s been acting so out of character recently.
The big positive about this episode was that thanks to Charlotte and Dan, Chloe and Lucifer came to some realizations about themselves and the story has moved forward a fraction more.
The love triangle is officially over!

The Bad:

Pierce now has the fakest fake mark I have ever seen. A crudely tattooed scar, that appears to simply be stuck on.
And Maze believing it without studying it closer just further destroyed her character.
Why are the writers this season so determined to make fools of these women?

The Good:

Finally, something feels in character for Chloe. She’s created a wedding murder board to try and get her head around the whole wedding thing. And it’s just the level of intricate you’d expect from an unspooling Chloe Decker. After evidence room sex and whirlwind proposals, it’s nice to see a bit of the old Chloe’s still in there.

The Bad:

The love triangle. There’s nothing wrong with Chloe wanting companionship. She was married young the first time around, that’s probably always been who she is. But what I’m seeing right now is a character being defined by these two men, and Chloe is more than that.
We saw hints of her reasoning in the party bus, that she’s trying to act more impulsive so that maybe she will find herself again. It’s still all subtext though. How hard would it have been for her to admit she just wants Lucifer to tell her he loves her.
Lucifer may not be honest about what he wants, but neither is Chloe.
And Chloe can be everything she is and still be in a relationship with Lucifer.
It’s the love triangle that’s reducing her to little more than a prize for these men.

The Good:

Dan and Lucifer working together.
Lucifer channels his inner detective and tries to get inside Chloe’s head. He wants to understand why she said yes to Pierce. Because asking her would be too difficult (and they’ve still got a couple more episode to fill here, of course).
He's playing Chloe, so he turns to his partner, Dan, to be Lucifer. He needs a partner who’s clever and unpredictable, handsome and sexual. “One out of four will suffice.”
“Which one of the four am I?” Dan asks.
I would have liked to hear Lucifer’s answer.
It’s a fun switching of roles that allows these characters to come to some pretty big realizations.
“You’re only thinking about Chloe as her job. I mean you don’t even call her by her name, which is Chloe. Not the detective,” Dan tells Lucifer, laying down some truths. He finishes it with, “Chloe is so much more than work, man.”
I’m not surprised he needed that reminder, considering how she’s been written lately.
Dan gets to have his Lucifer moment, sitting in the dark at the killer’s home, sipping from his alcohol stash, calling the man on his crimes.
And after Lucifer comes to the same conclusions and bursts in to make the arrest, enlightenment follows:
“All I see Daniel is that I can’t rely on you as my partner so perhaps I should find someone steady, someone responsible, someone who can actually be there for me—Oh. I get it now.”
It’s a similar realization that Chloe has come to, as to why she said yes to Pierce. It’s what she needs, but it isn’t what Lucifer is giving her. She thinks it’s what Pierce can give her.
Dan learns a lesson and is honest with Charlotte over wanting more from their relationship. He speaks the words Lucifer should be speaking to Chloe. That he wants her. Just her. All in.
And Charlotte’s on the same page and pulls him in for a kiss. It’s nice seeing Dan getting a little happiness for once. Now, may I suggest it's prayer circle time, in case this happiness is short-lived…

The Bad:

That whole bachelorette party. It was fun, but so much was filler, all so Chloe could see that Pierce isn’t her everything, that someone else is that for her.

The Predictable:

Lucifer has learned something! And he goes to Chloe to tell her! Were any of us fooled though? There’s still two episodes left. Of course he wasn’t going to tell Chloe what he has learned.

This episode was watchable. Like the previous ones. But it’s been a while since I feel like I truly enjoyed an episode. Why am I still watching? I adored this show in season one, and I really loved it in season two, and for a chunk of season three it was enjoyable. Like many of you, I’m holding onto hope there will be a reveal at the end of the season. It does seem to be leading more towards a love declaration, but for that to work the reveal needs to happen. I will not accept a Deckerstar relationship without Chloe knowing the truth.

Who’s still enjoying this season? Who’s just hanging in there for the finale?