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Empire - Slave to Memory - Review

14 Mar 2018

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These latest episodes of Empire have caught my attention. The show is still full of crazy wtf twists and useless storylines, but at least this last arc is showing its strength. Let’s summarize what happened in Slave to Memory.

After Andre’s psychotic breakdown, he is obliged to stay in the hospital. Lucious is furious: he wants revenge and vows to destroy the DuBois' for once and for all. He creates a plan that will push Angelo to sign a confession about Diana’s violations. The Lyons get access to the Captain’s Ball and they manage to finish what they started: thanks to Warren, Cookie exposes the truth and Diana’s reputation is destroyed. As she tries to stop the Lyon matriarch, the police arrive and arrests her for the kidnap of Bella. This also creates a series of consequences: Anika is forced to give Bella back to her father. I really enjoyed the rhythm and the resolutions of this episode. They finally closed a chapter and they gave to Diana what she deserved: she is such a horrible character. Everyone must have been in joy.

Angelo tries to get back to Warren by killing him and he shoots him in the shoulder, but Jamal defends him. During the struggle, Angelo ends up being shot and killed. We will not miss him at all. Finally, the writers gave us an ending to the Dubois story.

Lucious goes to the hospital to tell his son the news, but Andre reveals his gruesome secret: he set the car bomb. He doesn’t have time to process this shocking revelation because Claudia sneaks in and drugs him. He is kidnapped. I didn’t expect this soapy twist, but we could have some fun with this out-of-mind character. I can’t wait to see how this kidnap will evolve. This season will be recalled as the kidnaps year. Will Cookie and Lucious finally have their time together? Will they be able to rekindle their love? It’s a disaster after another. I definitely enjoyed this episode.

And you? What do you think of Slave to Memory?