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The Greatest American Hero - ABC Pilot Preview

25 Feb 2018

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I’m not very familiar with the original series The Greatest American Hero from the 80s, but I know it only lasted 3 seasons and 45 episodes on ABC from 1981 to 1983, that it was a 45-minute dramedy, that the theme song “Believe it or not” was very popular -and they intend to keep it in the new version- and that it was about Ralph Hinkley (played by William Katt), a Los Angeles public school substitute teacher suddenly granted superhuman abilities in order to save the world. Before ABC ordered a pilot for this female-centric reboot turned into a 22-minute single-cam comedy, FOX developed a more straight-forward and faithful version last year with Phil Lord and Chris Miller, both of whom wrote and directed The Lego Movie, that didn’t make it. And now that I’ve read this script from the Fresh Off The Boat team, I can’t help thinking it was more on brand with FOX than it is with ABC. But FOX already has a similar-themed okay performer in Ghosted. Maybe that’s why they didn’t keep it for themselves.