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Quick Polls - Submit Your Ideas

18 Dec 2017

Hey All,

You may have seen that we've added some little interactive polls to the site. On the desktop, they are on the sidebar, on mobile they are before the comments. These quizzes and polls rotate and to make sure we have a lot of fresh content and ideas, we thought that rather than coming up with all the ideas for these polls ourselves all the time, that we should ask you, the readers, to submit some for consideration.

The form below basically allows you to submit either a Head to Head Poll eg Greys' vs Scandal or Lost vs Breaking Bad etc, or a more conventional poll with a question and up to 5 answers.

If you choose a head to head poll you simply need to provide the question and the 2 options. You can additionally link us to any image/gif that you would like us to use for each option.

A Head to Head style poll looks like this.

If you choose a normal poll, you provide the question and up to 5 Answers. Here is an example.

We can't promise to create everything that people submit but we'll be sure to post the most interesting ones where possible.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Hopefully, we'll be able to start seeing your ideas on the polls etc.