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Supergirl - Season 3 - Villain Casting

Thanks to Ivan for the heads up.

Supergirl is no stranger to extra-terrestrial drama, but after last season’s alien heavy storyline season three has so far kept things pretty Earthbound. Aside from a brief detour to Mars, the opening episodes of Supergirl have focused on human—rather than alien—antagonists, like Morgan Edge, a cult of Supergirl worshippers, and Maggie’s dad. But fret not, E.T. fans, because we’ve got another exclusive casting breakdown to share that shows Supergirl won’t be giving up on alien action anytime soon.

Here’s the breakdown:

[TORMOCK] Female, 20s-40s, open ethnicity. A warrior of Amazonian stature, jacked, tough and brutal, she is a fierce alien prisoner. Dangerous and angry, she gets into a violent fight…GUEST STAR

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