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Raven's Home - Vest in Show - Review: "The Return of Liz Anya"

23 Oct 2017

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The time has come, my friends. We've arrived at the Season Finale of Raven's Home - and what a season its been! We've witnessed the return of a Disney Channel queen and watched her flourish in her roles as mother... and dog clothing designer. The fact that we've gotten to see someone we watched as children once again grace our screens years later, now with all of the knowledge we've acquired since she bid farewell a decade ago, has been incredible. Disney Channel, thank you. It's shows like Raven's Home that will resonate with this generation of children, like it did with me many years ago.

... Now that we've gotten the sappiness of this being the last episode out of the way, let's jump right into the review!

Raven and Booker are painting - Booker has just finished working on this masterpiece:

Let me save you the confusion - it's a plunger, wearing a hat.

Raven, meanwhile, is working on a piece for 'Doggy Fashion Week'.

As you can see, she's VERY happy about her career. Booker wants to help, and Raven has him pose so she can paint what's on the back of his jacket. He takes the opportunity to have his very own, one man fashion show. I'm LIVING for it!

A force to be reckoned with! Booker realizes his mom's not painting him... but thinks that might be a good idea to give to... GRANDMA BAXTER for her birthday! Yes, friends! Tanya (and hopefully Victor) are still alive, and well! Here's hoping we meet them next season!

Levi is getting prank calls from people trying to order pizza. Chelsea tells Raven their heat bill is up $300. Just a normal day at the Baxter/Daniels residence! Raven hugs Booker goodbye before heading off to Doggy Fashion Week, but before they end their embrace this craziness happens:

OH. SNAP. A double vision! The two see Paisley firing Raven! They come out of the vision, both panicking, and then each turn to speak to their respective friends before they have the chance to wonder why the other person was so unsettled after the hug. Levi and Chelsea reassure their pals - although reassurance may not be what Raven needs.

She dropped the vest she had been working on, leaving it behind! Also, what is that design supposed to be? From this angle it looks like a baby with a nasty unibrow.

Later, Tess drops by and Booker explains what he saw in his vision. Tess tries to calm down Booker by sharing that her mother hasn't been at work in weeks due to some 'slipping in grocery store' incidents - therefore, everything will be okay! Booker still doesn't understand why his mom would get fired, and neither does Levi. I mean, take a look at this artistry!

Booker realizes his mom might've grabbed the vest he painted by accident, and alerts Chelsea who takes him to his mom. Meanwhile, Tess and Levi are left alone and Levi gets another prank call. Tess has an idea - perhaps they can pretend their apartment is a pizzeria to make some extra money! Levi's in. Their first order? A goat cheese and fig pizza - sans goat cheese and fig, avec cottage cheese and apple sauce.

At Raven's office, we learn that Paisley hates everything Raven's designed. Raven reaches into her bag to pull out what she thinks is the vest she painted, but Booker swoops in just in time.

Ray grabs the vest and rushes it over to Paisley, however it's too late. Paisley's already seen Booker's creation... and she LOVES it - especially how ridiculous, yet genius it is.

Booker's on Cloud Nine! Raven admits that the design isn't hers, and Booker jumps in and says that's because it now belongs to Paisley! He also says he's Raven's intern, Jean Steve.

Ray adores the name selection, as you can tell. Paisley falls for it, and says she wants the entire collection hand painted in that particular style. Raven's hesitant. Booker says they're on the job. I'm worried about how this will turn out, given it's rare Raven's low on confidence.

At home, Chelsea wants to know what Levi and Tess are up to. They reveal their new pizza business, and once Chelsea hears how much they'll make in sales, she wants in. Before she's allowed into the kitchen, Levi asks about her qualifications. The deciding factor? Levi can't turn on the oven without Chels around.

She's hired!

Back at the office, Booker and Raven are painting away. Raven's design of grapes wearing a scarf isn't a hit with Booker, and she's at a loss at what his design vision is. To be honest, I am too. I guess it's a Booker and Paisley thing. Before she can paint grapes wearing a top hat, Booker stops her and Paisley walks back in. She, too, isn't a fan of Raven's work. Ray blames Jean Steve, and says she'd like to work on the designs at home as she isn't feeling the energy at the office. Paisley agrees - and, as per usual, blames Jessica. This poor girl takes the brunt of Paisley. Just Paisley as a whole.

She might've just saved Jessica from attacking Paisley, but can Raven save her job?

The two return home, and Raven contemplates putting a sail inside of a gravy boat.

Is that... it can't be... but... is this THE gravy boat?! The one owned by Raven's country cousins who all looked a little too much like Ray? Especially the baby? The boat is all white now, so i'm just going to go ahead and assume they painted over it and this is, in fact, the same one.

Booker shuts down the idea, and says Raven's problem is that she's thinking too much about what she's doing. Booker, on the other hand, has mindlessly created this:

A robot with a cat face. Now that's improvisation. Raven gets Booker to make the rest of the vests, and as he works he asks if she always wanted to be a dog clothing designer. No, she replies. She wanted to design people clothes! But this job was more reasonable. Okay then.

Chelsea, Levi and Tess return, excited about how much money they made. Chels ushers Raven to the kitchen and hands her the wad of cash. She accuses Chels of robbing the pizza delivery person, which Chelsea denies up and down. And for a moment, Ray is proud of her do-good friend - mainly because she still believes she mugged the delivery person.

At the Doggy Fashion Show venue, Paisley is obsessing over Booker's designs. She tells Raven she should go onstage and paint one of the pieces live, in front of the audience! Ray says she can't do it, but Paisley persists. Paisley walks away, and Ray has an idea - it involves a DISGUISE! My favourite kind of Raven ideas.

At the apartment, Chels has taken it upon herself to open up their place as a sit down restaurant! Levi and Tess are apprehensive, but get to work on making some strawberry yogurt flavoured pizzas. YUM.

At the fashion show, Raven and Booker are onstage preparing to paint one of her famous creations.

Oh goody! Paisley says not to embarrass her, and the two get to work on doing just that.

I'm positive something like this also happened in an episode of That's So Raven at one point. So, any diehard fans out there, let me know below which episode in the original this is from!

Paisley's infuriated, and Raven and Booker try to escape the scene, to no avail. The dogs are now walking the runway and Booker has dog treats in his pocket! The duo are trapped, and before they know it are revealed to everyone.

Paisley walks out, yelling and all. Raven decides that she's had enough of Paisley's constant mistreatment despite her long hours and beautiful designs, and quits. Paisley proceeds to, you guessed it, fire Raven - but Raven did quit first, so she wins. Booker admits he didn't see the day ending up like this, and Raven agrees. The two have another close call in discovering each other's secrets, and with that, it's safe to say the cat won't be coming out of the bag this season. Let's not get too down in the dumps, though, because LOOK WHO HAS ARRIVED!

You don't expect her to introduce her, do you? They do. This is not how I saw this panning out. If they don't know who Liz is, well...


My inner child just shrieked with joy. Let's now take a moment to appreciate Eddie's understudy, minus the 'fro:

Liz wants to know how much Raven's jacket she's wearing would sell for. Booker excitedly says $1000. Liz and her redheaded companion outbid each other, and eventually settle on $10,000. Raven hurriedly takes off the jacket and gives it to Liz. A beautiful transaction. Remember when Victor was going to lose his job at Augustine's and Liz showed up to help? This is kind of like that... wait a minute.

Raven and Booker return home to this:

Chelsea explains what's happening, and asks if Raven can step in - like the old days at The Chill Grill. A tear is forming in my eye. Too many throwbacks all so close together! Raven thinks she might be a little rusty, but starts working. She tells Booker that "if you can chill, you can grill". Grandpa Victor would be so proud!

Season One is now behind us! What an amazing way to end a spectacular season. I know I said it before, but i'll say it again: Thank you Disney for giving Raven the chance to return, and Raven... here's to many more hilarious, innovative (yet nostalgic) seasons. It has been an absolute pleasure, and quite honestly a dream, reviewing a show so close to mine and so many others' hearts.

To all of you who have watched along and interacted with me each week: I've loved connecting with others who are as big of Raven fans as I am, and hearing what you've had to say! This is the first series i've reviewed for SpoilerTV, and have wholeheartedly appreciated your support, kind words and insightful comments. I'm currently doing weekly reviews of The Big Bang Theory and will be releasing a season review of Netflix's Haters Back Off within the next week or so. Let's not make this goodbye; i'd love to see you over there! :)

Down below, let me know which That's So Raven reference from this episode was your fave, if you too are hoping Grandma Tanya and Grandpa Victor will make an appearance on the show next season, and where you think Raven will end up working!

See you later!