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Grey's Anatomy - Go Big or Go Home - Review: "First Responder"

Episode 3 of season 14, titled Go Big or Go Home was directed by the marvelous Chandra Wilson and written by Meg Marinis, who penned The Room Where It Happens, one of season 13's standout bottle episodes and didn't disappoint this week either. So let's break down the episode going from the weakest parts to the true standouts.

I felt the story surrounding Miranda and the arrival of Harper Avery was totally uneccessary. Especially him dying at the end. I really didn't see the point of it and I hope the story has some reppercussions as Miranda wasn't really into the way Catherine and Jackson pushed it under the rug. Her speech to Harper every was impactful as ever and Meg Marinis did a great job in penning it but as said the whole story felt uneccessary and pushy.

I hoped Jackson would have something more to do here. After all, it was his grandfather and even though Jackson has really nothing to prove to him it was a great opportunity to explore the story and maybe mention Jackson visiting his father. Wonder if we might see Jackson's dad again. Think that story has some potential.

Alex and Jo weren't doing anything important, aside from making me start fearing elevators. No one wants to see them doing stuff in elevators. Her HoCo proposal was sweet and I like the current lack of drama between them, cause we all know it won't last. I liked the guy doing the HoCo proposal and April talking it out with the girl was sweet. Sarah Drew once again brought all her acting props and combined the funny and the emotional delivering a heartwarming performance.

While talking about funny, let's dig into the amazing Arizona-Carina scenes this week. I really love them together but I don't want to get attached to them. Still, let's not stress about them cooling down while they are so HOT atm. Stefania Spampinato was perfectly cast in the role of Carina DeLuca and her smooth way of talking Arizona under her spell was simply hot. The tension and heat were palpable and so enjoyable. The scene where Carina proposes stimulation for the mother in labor was hilarious, especially cause Richard was present. His facial expressions were priceless and his quotes memorable.

Carina: It is no mistake that God put a G spot in the birth canal.
Richard: This is the first time I hear those 3 words in the same sentence.

I liked seeing dr. Carf again and the approach they took regarding the latest developments of the Mer-Riggs relationship felt refreshing. Mer realizing were her anger originates from was handled very well and at a nice pace. The story progressed well and while Mer's bitchiness was entertaining, her speech to Riggs about him letting down their dream was perfect. A very well written speech was amazingly executed by Ellen. She is truly on fire this season and her emotional work is just on an outstanding level this season. Also, I finally start carrying about Riggs. I was pretty meh on him in the last two seasons (neither liked him or hated him) but he really seems like the Bambi of the season. Every week someone shuts his mother and he pulls out his big sad eyes and seems so vulnerable, just wanna give him a hug.

In the review for last week's premiere, I've said that the reveal of Amelia having a brain tumor could be a great dramatic moment or character suicide. I'm really happy this week's episode makes it look like it will be the former. Greg Germann was well cast in the role of the overly cocky neurosurgeon. Greg is a great addition to the show and I would enjoy seeing him stick around for bit longer.
One thing I'm really happy about is that the writers choose Richard to be the first responder. The thing with Richard is that his character is so reassuring and that his connection with Amelia (and any other doctor at the hospital) is so honest and comforting. Him checking Amelia's mortality rate was a sweet moment and I was so glad Amelia listen to him and made her open up to Maggie and Meredith.

The scene between Maggie and Amelia was heartbreaking, especially considering everything Maggie went through last season. I liked that they put a special exclamation point on their relationship, I like their connection so much and hope we'll see more of the two during this storyline. The two of them are truly great actresses and their tears felt so sincere and honest. And that is why I love Grey's so much, their relationships feel so real and relatable at times. Simply said just GREAT TELEVISION.

I thought it was smart they didn't make too much fuzz about her telling Owen and Mer and just let them be there for her. Other than that I enjoyed Owen and Megan again. This lighter version of Owen that Megan brings out is really tolerable and their sibling banter was very much appreciated. The two venting to each other really established their sibling relationship

Hope you've enjoyed my take on Go Big or Go Home and feel free to share your thoughts on it in the comment section. Next week at this place Donna will welcome you as she is the shows, regular reviewer. It was great to step in, hope you've enjoyed the reviews as much as I did writing them.