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Chance - Season Two - Advance Preview: The Nature Of The Beast

10 Oct 2017

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"We're in this together now. Whoever you are."

Dr. Eldon Chance seems to have a newly found self-confidence, and I have to say I don't dislike it, at all, but it looks like it could get him into more trouble than he's equipped to handle. Nicky, of course, is not okay with Eldon's cocky attitude since she knows a lot more about last season's events than you would expect, she's the only one that gets how much trouble her dad is capable to get himself into. The relationship between father and daughter is always a highlight here.

Over on her part, Nicky's story takes a life of its own, instead of just being collateral damage to her father's adventures, but it's an interesting parallel between the two. The mother I'm never too sold on, and here she continues to add nothing to the story. Chance and D continue to team up in a very interesting way and have a pretty cool to-do list. Other than that, Chance is working for the hospital as part of a unit of psychologists and psychiatrists that are dedicated to helping victims of violent crimes get better.

There's a lot of potential in this place his boss Kristin Clayton (Elizabeth Rodriguez) is pretty cool and brings a new freshness that Jacqueline could never offer, as we can see in a fun game of djin. Lucy, played by the amazing Greta Lee, Eldon's previous assistant, applies for a job and provides a lot of the comic relief if there's anything remotely like it on Chance. By night he has various extra-curricular activities but he continues to mix them up in ways we know will later come bite him in the ass, he's not always smart that way.

Jackie's not around anymore but her presence is felt and Detective Hynes (Brian Goodman) continues to be around but in a very interesting way that moves Eldon towards more dangerous ground than he's ever been in. And Clarke Peters' Carl is a bigger part of the team now which is a lot of fun. I have to say I'm liking this new season even better than the first one, we have a new, glorious, big bad, and the second episode ends on a cliffhanger that will leave you reeling, besides, having Hugh Laurie on our screens is always a treat.

"Buckle up"

Chance's second season premieres Wednesday October 11th on Hulu.