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Scene Of The Week - September 3, 2017 + POLL

3 Sept 2017

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

GAME OF THRONES, "The Dragon and the Wolf", August 27, 2017, Actors: Aidan Gillen, Sophie Turner, Lena Headey, Kit Harington and more, The Scenes: The trial and execution of Littlefinger & The meeting at the Dragonpit
Justyna K:
In the season finale filled with many memorable moments, this one easily steals the episode for me. For once, the Starks actually managed to confront their enemy and get justice for their loved ones, mainly their father. Watching Littlefinger's betrayal of Ned back in season one was made far worse knowing his manipulations around Ned's children. Petyr Baelish was a clever man, yet he ends up being outsmarted by the family of young adults that he was trying to turn against each other. It's such a satisfying turn in the story and while Littlefinger was often considered a truly entertaining character with some great and memorable lines, it seems that his time on the show has come to the natural conclusion. I very much enjoyed the strength displayed by the Starks during the scene, especially Sansa's determination and confidence in her words. Sansa's growth over the run of the series is certainly one to remember but I think this might be my favorite scene for her character and one of Sophie Turner's best performances yet. Just listing Littlefinger's crimes proved to be a truly powerful speech and her cold, well-thought-out behavior spoke volumes about her new found strength. Arya and Bran both played their parts perfectly and I just wish we could have more scenes with these three just talking to each other and learning who they've all become. That's certainly one thing I've been missing in this otherwise fantastic season. Now with Littlefinger's death it truly seems we're getting close to the end of the story, as not only he was there from the start but as we know he's the reason why so many things happened in the first place. Aidan Gillen gave one of his strongest performances on the series in his character's final moment. He went through so many different emotions and ideas in such a short amount of time, from confused, shocked, manipulative to the crushed and scared man who lost everything. And all these wonderfully done. Kudos to the cast & crew for all their amazing work on the show! Hard to believe we're almost at the end. But first, can't wait for the final season! Also picked by Bradley
Marine: The whole meeting in the DragonPit. So. Much. Tension.

KILLJOYS, "Wargasm", September 1, 2017, Actor: Hannah John-Kamen, The Scene: Dutch makes Aneela remember her
Justyna K:
In this season finale Dutch is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice, so when it comes to the confrontation with Aneela she puts all her strength and skills in what she believes to be her last and most important fight. And not only does she win, she actually makes Aneela stop fighting by showing her the truth and making her remember who Dutch really is. I always love the moments when we see the flashbacks of a character's life in these sort of emotional parts. Just the editing and the music alone can make these scenes some of my all time favorites. What also works beautifully with all the flashes here is Dutch's speech where she admits what this fight and her life mean to her. "I accept dying. But I was here. I was real, and I mattered. And I will not be forgotten!" Her refusal to disappear without a trace is not only an instinct but a proof of her strength and hope for staying alive for the people she loved. It's beautifully sad, emotional and wonderfully acted by Hannah John-Kamen who continues to do an excellent work in the series. Not only does she play the final stand of Dutch with just the right emotional aspect of it, but she also portrays the other side of the conflict - Aneela, and her reactions in the moment change the result of the fight completely. This has been another great season of the show and I'm really glad that we're officially getting two more. Congratulations and kudos to the entire cast & crew for their wonderful work on the series!

RICK AND MORTY, "Rest and Ricklaxation", August 27, 2017, Voiced by: Justin Roiland, The Scene: Rick and Morty realize they need their toxicity
This was quite the episode. I don't even know where to begin, really. I could be here all day analyzing the character development unleashed upon us in this outing. I loved finding out about what that machine really did to Rick and Morty. I loved it when they found out, too. I loved it when they realized that the machine only purged themselves of their toxicity based on their own definitions of what it means to be unhealthy. I love that Morty's toxicity is shrouded in misery and self-loathing, which is not too far off from Rick's toxicity. I loved their fight in the house. I loved their standoff afterwards. And the best part of all? Concrete proof that this version of Rick cares about Morty. One should note that he mentioned his attachment to people and things as something he considers unhealthy, and then moments later we find out that Toxic Rick cares about Morty. Aha. Genius. And of course I don't have to mention Wolf of Wall Street Morty coming to terms with the fact that he needs to be toxic again. It does make me sad, though. Even though this Morty was creepy, seeing him go back to being in pain makes me in pain. I'm still nervous for what this season has in store for the two of them.

SALVATION, "Coup de Grace", August 30, 2017, Actors: Jennifer Finnigan, Charlie Rowe
The Scene: Grace tells Liam about President's speech
Grace telling Liam, "buckle up, we're going over a cliff," when at TANZ, after telling him the President was going to tell everyone about the asteroid.

SUITS, "100", August 30, 2017, Actors: Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Wendell Pierce, The Scene: The standoff in the bathroom
Can you believe I actually enjoyed an episode from this season? Me neither! I must give credit where credit is due; this was a good episode and Patrick directed it with a lot of skill. And one of my biggest complains about this season has been the lack of tension ever since Mike got out of prison. But this scene and this episode? Man, they sure brought some real tension back. The acting powerhouse that is Wendell Pierce wasn't even enough, they had to have a crazy scene with Gabriel and Patrick too. After court with Harvey pulling one over on Robert, Robert heads to the bathroom to confront Harvey and it's getting real. I almost thought Robert would really do some damage, and I'm so happy Harvey looked like he had no intentions to retaliate. Not that it mattered, because in walks Mike to protect Harvey. Ah, just like old times. More scenes like this in the future, please?

THE BOLD TYPE, "Before Tequila Sunrise", August 29, 2017, Actors: Aisha Dee, Nikohl Boosheri
The Scene: Kat and Adena sleep together (picked by Marko)

THE SINNER, "Part V", August 30, 2017, Actors: Jessica Biel, Bill Pullman and more, The Scenes: Cora refuses to take blame for the second murder & Cora and Harry talk on the telephone
Cora refuses to take blame for the second murder. This was a really great & subtle scene. Detective Farmer spends the whole episode attempting to get into Cora's head, because she believes if you push people hard enough they'll admit to guilt. It was extremely frustrating to watch and I spent the majority of this scene hoping that Cora wouldn't fall into her trap. First Farmer tried giving plausible reason for why Cora would commit a murder, then she attempted to emotionally blackmail her by bringing Cora's son into it, and touching onto how tired Cora must be. But then Farmer has to push it too far by urging Cora to tell her what happened and it'd all be over. That's when Cora changes from a person devastated & exhausted, to that hard, angry exterior we've seen a good few times so far and tells Farmer to go to hell. Jessica Biel played it absolutely superbly.
DarkUFO: Cora and Harry talk on the telephone.