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Younger - The Gelato And The Pube & The Incident At Pound Ridge - Review: Every Thing's Changed

"How much more uncomfortable could it get?"

Hey guys, I'm filling in for Alexandra so I'll be reviewing the last two episodes of this tortuous affair, and I'm seeing it that way because I love Charles and Eliza and these people are straight out torturing me with angst, if you've seen the last episode (and I hope you have if you're reading this review) you'll know it looks like once again, these two are getting nowhere. If they truly are end-game it makes sense that they wouldn't want to make it all that easy, but still... ¡My heart! So, without further ado, let's begin.

The Gelato And The Pube

Liza is reeling about her moment with Charles, terrified that she'll have to tell him the truth if she wants to go any further and that could put Kelsey and Millenian in a tough spot. She also believes Pauline showing up out of the blue right in that moment was the universe slamming the breaks on them. We can call them the TV gods scheming to create some more drama and draw things out, but to make matters worse Liza actually likes Pauline and finds herself relating to her a lot more than she would like.

Apparently, Pauline's book is all that and has everyone fired up, in many ways. There are a few hot scenes making everyone uncomfortable but it's also getting a lot of media buzz, which is good for Empirical. Charles is hating that the book is actually good, probably it doesn't help that it seems to excuse the woman who left him and the girls for a full year, and he wants to shut it down but Liza suggests that he talks to Pauline first and she even offers to babysit (really?).

She seems to regret it when baby sitting goes on for longer than Liza hoped and it doesn't look good, later he apologizes, he says he usually shuts down when things get too emotional, but she's way too understanding and even accepts to edit the book at Pauline's request, she says she can even help protect his image (could there be a worse idea than that?). Charles seems determined to not let Pauline mess him and Liza up, but Liza isn't as secure on what they have, especially when she relates to his ex-wife so much and the woman is trying so hard to win him back.

On a different note, Liza and Maggie learn their neighbours opened a new restaurant, for which they have their own chickens on the roof. When they want to complain about it the guys invite them to their restaurant and make them feel like guests of honour but then charge them a crazy amount of money, which doesn't bode well for a future friendship, especially after Maggie makes them think she cooked their chicken in retaliation (don't you love this woman?).

Diana gets an unwelcome surprise when Ethan, Richard's son, shows up needing a place to stay for a while, which really doesn't sit well with her, especially when she finds a sex toy, but she can't bring herself to tell him, or she does but he's good enough at manipulating her to keep her calm, I love seeing more of Diana but there's something about Richard that doesn't sit well wit me.

Josh and Kelsey seem to be trying to recover their friendship in spite of the kiss and they start comparing love lives and trying to help each other, they are so awesome as friends, but it's Liza who ends up setting Josh up with Claire, an Irish bartender cutie of which we'll apparently be seeing a lot of, Liza could be a professional cupid if publishing goes awry.

The Incident At Pound Ridge

Josh stalks Clair at the bar until she agrees to go on a date with him, but it goes horribly when some jalapeƱo juice makes its way into his pants. I have to say I really like these two together, they both open up to each other and she seems like the perfect person for him to get over Liza, so hopefully, they'll last for a while, though it does seem like she might clash with Kelsey.

At a board meeting, they discuss the rise in adult coloring books' sales, so Kelsey comes up with an idea to get Josh to make his tattoo designs into drawings for people to color, he's worried about working with Charles but Claire pushes him to do what's best for him.

Charles tells a friend there's someone else in his life, and somehow, that gets to Pauline who gets obsessive fast, Liza tries to keep her in check but Pauline is determined to get her to play match maker without knowing Liza is the actual threat, and Liza can't help feeling guilty about it.

There's a company picnic where all are invited, including Josh and Pauline, which turns out to be almost as disastrous as it could be. Diana is on fire not only reassuring Pauline she's not with Charles, which could backfire on her and make her suspicious instead, but when she finds out Liza set Josh up she tells her they need to have a chat with about how not to be a doormat (and I would have to agree), though she might need that advice for herself and Richard.

There's a small moment that could be meaningless but I'm sure is setting up a story for later, Locklan introduces Kelsey to his wife who looks at her up and down and decides there's no way she'll let them work together, but it feels like Kelsey won't let that opportunity just die, so we'll see.

To make matter worse, things get competitive in the potato-sack race and Josh punches Charles, who realizes then that he saw him kiss Liza in the Hamptons. Liza goes to check on him and they have a hot moment, in which I was sure Pauline would catch them, but Liza cuts it off and tells him everything has changed for her.

Kelsey starts to wonder why Josh would hate Charles so much, so Liza enlightens her, Kelsey is horrified and she reminds her dating the boss never works out and she could cost both her and Kelsey a lot, but Charles is not just any boss, he's publishing his ex-wife's book for crying out loud, he's the noblest character on the show, so I hate that Kelsey put that thought in her mind, because that's clearly the tipping point for her, if she wasn't sure before, she surely is now.

So, what did you guys think of these two episodes? Do you like Claire? Are you okay with Liza and Charles crashing and burning so fast? I look forward to reading your thoughts.