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Shadowhunters - Day Of Atonement - Advance Preview

Previously on Shadowhunters, Simon tried to solve the murder of a mundane before Ollie decided to solve it for him, and the transfer of Valentine ends up being a lot harder than what Izzy and the Institute were expecting. In this week's episode, Simon and Maia go to the Lewis' family dinner for Yom Kippur, Clary and Jace use unconventional methods to take part in an unsanctioned mission together (alone), Alec has to deal with the possibility of losing his newfound position, and Sebastian and Valentine spend some quality time together.

In what is the biggest plot-driving storyline of the episode, Jace wants to travel to Idris, as he believes this is where Valentine has been taken. Unfortunately for him, the Clave isn't all too keen on letting him go, but instead of letting it go, in enters Clary with the magic solution, after she's avoided him a little bit first though. Their mission isn't as easy as it first appears to be though, and they quickly end up losing control of the situation. Needing to be rescued, and not knowing what is real and what is a hallucination, Clary and Jace try to look out for each other whilst also working to get the mission done. Clary and Jace both manage to use their untested angelic powers to help each other in this episode, and it seems like going forward that might be something that will be developed, as they're both able to bring something out in the other. They both manage to get themselves into danger in this episode, and each time that happens, they rush to protect the other. After the awkwardness following the Seelie Court scene for Clary, this episode seems like the start of a turning point for their relationship.

I usually say that there is an A plot and a B plot in most episodes, but this episode felt like there were three main plots, though two were related to each other.

Jace is convinced that Valentine is in Idris, and he's absolutely right. Sebastian and Valentine spend most of this episode locked in a slightly cosy cabin, almost toying with each other. We're finally truly seeing Sebastian unravel, and seeing the depths of the darkness that he holds inside of him. Is this Valentine's fault? Possibly, as we get to find out a few things that have transpired between them in the past. In ways, Sebastian in this episode mirrors a Jace that we've seen before; the warrior who will try and do anything to make their father proud of them. He's the Jace that could have been, and that adds to the creepiness factor that Will Tudor absolutely brings to the role. The tables quickly turn between the two of them, and then back again. and we get to see the strengths and weaknesses that both bring out in each other.

Elsewhere, as in in New York, Simon is fasting for Yom Kippur when Maia drops in, and explains a little about his family tradition and his faith. This leads to Maia inviting herself over to the family dinner he's attending later that day, as she knows Simon is panicking about having to atone for the sins he's committed over the past year. Guys, every scene that they're in is cute and golden. I love the dynamic that they have and they just bring out the good in each other. It's a lighter departure from the drama surrounding the Institute and Clace this week, but it's still a storyline that holds weight on it's own. I was a little bit surprised that they had Simon have another storyline to himself after last week, but I'm really glad that they did, and I know it'll mean a lot to some viewers to have them exploring faith in this way, and that even though Simon as a person has changed, his commitment to his faith has not.

In other happenings, Luke and Magnus (and presumably Raphael and Meliorn) are at the Seelie Court for Downworlder cabinet meetings. It's a little bit strange that this is happening off screen, and without Alec who we know is involved in the Downworlder cabinet, but that's what is being used to explain Luke and Magnus' absence in this episode.

In an episode that paves the way for the early beginnings of two future relationships, and revelations regarding certain Shadowhunters and their actions, we got to see a deeper insight into what is to come in the back half of 2b. What scenes are you most hoping to see in 'A Problem Of Memory'? Remember to tune in Monday at 8.00 on Freeform.

And with that I'm going to leave you with a few teasers to tide you over until Monday:
- I got my wish of a Maia backstory, and an insight into what she's doing now outside of being at the Hunter's Moon.
- With the threat of losing his position as Head Of The Institute, a member of the Clave is sent to the Institute to assess Alec - enter Robert Lightwood.
- Two of the Mortal Instruments are seen in this episode.
- A character is revealed to be alive when previously presumed deceased.
- "You're okay!" "Now that you are."