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Salvation - Another Trip Around the Sun - Advance Preview

When a new show airs, generally the first episode starts off with a bang and then there's a bit of a lull as it settles into a story telling rhythm. They can afford to take their time and ease into their story. However, for more reasons than one, Salvation doesn't have that luxury, and as a result, we're treated to another intense, well-paced hour with its second episode (1x02) – "Another Trip Around the Sun" which airs Tonight on CBS, 9e/8c.

This episode jumps right into the story of Darius (Santiago Cabrera) agreeing to work with the government to come up with a plan to save the planet from being destroyed by the asteroid that's going to strike Earth in now 181 days. Five days have passed since the pilot, and that time clock that was so nicely set up last week is now ticking loudly. Time, it appears is of the essence and they're not letting up in the slightest. Not only is the clock ticking for the planet, but it's ticking for the series as well with a limited number of episodes to tell a complicated story and so far they are doing it well. Someone in "Another Trip Around the Sun" doesn't get to spend their birthday in a normal fashion and watching them navigate the day is both intriguing and entertaining.

Darius finds, in his first meeting with the task force, that there is another government plan to stop the asteroid. A plan he believes is doomed to fail, and in fact, could do more harm than good. He does have another solution but for it to work he and Liam will have to invent a theoretically impossible piece of technology, but creating it comes with a hefty price tag, one Harris (Ian Anthony Dale) says the government can't pay. Darius comes close to walking away were it not for Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) stepping in to remind them all what was at stake. Consequently, he gets half the money he needs and turns to an old friend to fund the rest without telling the truth about what the money is really for.

He sends Liam (Charlie Rowe) back to Boston to find research his former professor was working on that could be key to them creating this technology. Once in Boston, Liam makes a surprising discovery and again finds himself on the run from men lurking in the shadows. Unfortunately, this situation prevents him from reconnecting with Jillian (Jacqueline Byers), who may play a bigger role in things than even she realizes.
Meanwhile, Darius has a few other things he needs to create this miracle technology and enlists Grace's help to get it. He's put her in a near impossible position of choosing between her government and saving the planet. This thrusts Grace into the focus of the episode and Jennifer Finnigan takes the opportunity and runs with it. Throughout, she peels back more layers of Grace, showing once again what an intelligent, resourceful, and dedicated to her cause woman she is. Will Grace have to compromise her values in order to save the world? Whether it's arguing with Darius, navigating her complicated relationship with Harris or dealing with the tenacious reporter, Amanda Neel (Shazi Raja), Grace handles it all with aplomb and not the least little bit of moxie, making her a character you want to see succeed. Finnigan is truly in command of this episode.

"Another Trip Around the Sun" also succeeds in keeping us guessing as to whether Harris is one of the good guys or not. It's another intriguing hour of this unusual story and opens more doors to reveal that perhaps not everyone wants our team to succeed. The writing is sharp and crisp and contains some humorous one liners, without losing its intensity. It's got me hooked. In the race to save the planet, can our team survive the conspiracies that seem to be appearing? The clock is ticking.

Salvation airs on CBS, this Wednesday, July 19, 207, 9e/8c.

To tide you over until it airs here are some great dialogue teasers.

"The bureaucratic red tape will kill us before the asteroid."

"If Superman caught the villain on page 2, what fun would that be?"

"What good is protocol if we're all dead in 6 months?"

"With everything we know it's easy to get paranoid."

"You have the subtlety of a hand grenade."

What did you think of the first episode of Salvation? Is this team going to succeed in saving the world?
Discuss in the comments below.