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Playing House - Game of Tweens/Reverse the Curse - Review: Actually That Crazy + POLL

The last two episodes of the season see the girls getting on with their lives after dealing with one of their toughest challenges yet- Emma's cancer. "Game of Tweens" sees both Emma get back to her party-planning business, and Maggie get back to her possible romance with Dr. Erikson.

Maggie (with some serious pressure from Emma) finally asks Dr. Erikson out, who seems quite excited about the idea. Things seems to be going great, but before they can go out, Maggie and Dr. Erikson have a work spat. Although they still go on their date, it turns into a full blown trainwreck, as neither of them are willing to admit any wrongdoing. Before they've even gotten their food, Maggie's stormed out, convinced the date was a bad idea.

As Maggie's getting back into dating, Emma and Tina have the chance to score the party planning gig of the year, when Deja Dubois fires her party planner for her Sweet 13th. (Which, hey, might apparently be a thing with rich people? All I got for my 13th birthday was a joint birthday cake with my brother and a pizza!) The Duboises are, in Emma's words, "like the Connecticut Kardashians!"

Emma and Tina end up with their work cut out for them. Unsurprisingly, Deja is a spoiled hell child, who demands a Game of Thrones style blow-out. With a only a few days to pull everything together, they enlist Mark as their Khal Drogo and get to work.

On the night of the party, Emma and Tina struggle to keep the monster child happy. When Deja demands Khal Drogo aka Mark be her boyfriend for the night, they don't stop her. Of course, Mark bows out after a very uncomfortable few minutes, leaving a very angry 13 year old. Emma and Tina do eventually calm her down, though when Deja appears later with her best friend's boyfriend on her arm, and her best friend nowhere to be seen, they do start to wonder if they inspired a murder.

After getting her location from Emma, Dr. Erikson shows up looking for Maggie, who crashed the party after leaving their date. They both realize they over-reacted, and in the middle of a dance floor full of tweens, share their first kiss.


-Emma calling Maggie and Dr. Erikson getting together her "cancer wish" was hilarious.

-Jorge thinking it was Mark and Tina's anniversary was pretty funny. Someone needs to catch him up though!

-Best line goes to Dr. Erikson regarding his date with Maggie- "Will she [Emma] be coming to?"

"Reverse the Curse" revolves around a big milestone for Maggie and Emma- Emma finishing chemo! To celebrate, the girls have planned a fancy dinner with Mark and Dr. Erikson. But as the old saying goes, getting there is half the fun!

The night starts off with the girls blowing a fuse when Emma uses too many hot tools on her hair. They decide to stop at a hair salon on the way to dinner, but halfway down the road, they blow a tire. By now, Emma's ranting about the "Crawford Curse," that whenever something goes good for the Crawfords, something has to go bad. Maggie, now dressed as Bosephus, so as not to ruin her nice dress, reassures Emma everything will be fine. They'll change the tire and be on their way.

Except, it doesn't seem like they'll be geoing anywhere, as they accidentally locked themselves out of the car while changing the tire. Lucky for them, Mr. Nanjiani, who's now a Lyft driver, drives by and picks them up. However, he's already got a rider to drop off, a drag queen named Bob on his way to the club.

After hearing about Maggie and Emma's situation, Bob decides to take them back to the club and get them made up before their big dinner. When two of the queens don't show though, Maggie and Emma decide to postpone their plans, and instead take the stage as twin Tina Turners performing "Proud Mary."

After wooing the crowd, the girls try to catch a ride back home and run into none other Rod, the town gossip/ex-postman who's since taken up a career as an ice cream truck driver. The two hitch a ride with Rod (despite the fact that he isn't particularly fond of Emma) and finally seem to be on their way home.

Maggie and Rod's mutual love of gossip gets in the way though, and the three decide to drive by and take a look at the infamous used flip-flop wreath on Shirley Lambert's door. Maggie takes it a step further and convinces Emma to help steal it from the door. While trying to steal the wreath, Maggie tearfully admits how glad she is that Emma survived cancer and how worried she was about losing her. Unfortunately, the sweet moment is ruined when Rod accidentally sets off the ice cream truck horn and they have to hop on the back of the truck and make a run for it.

Maggie and Emma do finally make it to dinner, right as Mark gets an APB saying that "two drag queens in an ice cream truck just stole a wreath from Shirley Lambert's door!"


-It was adorable to hear Mark admit to Dr. Erikson that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Emma.

-I loved the final scene, as Maggie and Emma say goodnight to Charlotte.

-Best line of the episode- "Also, you should know, a gentleman offered us 45 dollars...for the use of our bodies."

So, that's season three of Playing House! Assuming we get a season four (fingers crossed), what do ya'll hope to see?