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Insecure - Hella Questions - Advance Preview

27 Jul 2017

Here are five teasers to give you an idea of what to expect in the second episode. All in all, another decent episode of Insecure. A little weaker than the premiere but decent nonetheless.

1) After the surprising(ly hot) hook-up from last week, Issa is confused as hell and tries to make sense of it. She continues to spiral down the rabbit hole once Kelli’s big mouth makes her aware of Tasha and hilariously ends up stalking her on social media.

2) Speaking of Tasha, her character is still mostly defined by her relationship with Lawrence but there is some potential in this episode for her to be developed beyond being Lawrence’s new girl.

3) Insecure gets political this week when it turns out the principal of the school Issa and Frieda have partnered with is a Trump supporter. I guess it’s unfair to expect every show that features African-American characters to deal with matters and topics pertaining to race but when it is as well and sharply done as here, it makes you want more of it.

4) Molly continues to try to get the recognition she deserves at work and struggles when she has to pretend to have things in common with her male colleagues.

5) And lastly, we’ll get a pretty clear picture of where Issa and Lawrence are headed after this episode.

”Hella Questions” premieres on Sunday, 30th July on HBO.