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Insecure - Hella Great - Advance Preview

23 Jul 2017

HBO’s hella lit comedy returns for its second season with a premiere that is aptly titled "Hella Great" in which each of our three characters tries to convince themselves they are doing better than they actually are.

We pick up several months after the finale and the premiere kickstarts the new season with a poignant montage about the struggle of meeting new people and keeping a conversation going when there is an obvious lack of chemistry and compatibility. It’s highly relatable, painfully awkward and hilariously sad watching Issa navigate the waters of the dating world and having her randomly rap inside her head makes it all the more to watch.
She's trying to move on from Lawrence which obviously isn’t really working out for her. In fact, she spends a good chunk of the episode concocting an elaborate and convoluted plan to get Lawrence back.

Elsewhere, Molly tries a new approach to deal with her relationship problems and just like with Issa, things aren’t exactly going her way. But it appears the show intends to put Molly’s love life on the back burner for now to focus on her professional life. She finds out something she shouldn’t have and gets rightfully upset about it and contemplates what to do about it. David Hull returns as Travis which was a welcome surprise.

The premiere also spends some time exploring the nature of Lawrence and Tasha’s relationship and it’s no surprise where they are at.

And then, the ending. That ending though. I actually screamed. I’m not even kidding. I initially assumed it was one of those scenarios that Issa likes to play out in her head and then I screamed again when I realized it was not.

The second season of Insecure premieres tonight on HBO.