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Lucifer - Deceptive Little Parasite - Advance Preview: “Complex Feelings”

This episode of Lucifer is all about feelings and it packs a fierce punch. While great little emotional moments are packed throughout the episode, the entire last act is one emotional gut punch after another. One scene is based on pure love while the other centers on a much darker emotion. These moments even lead to some tears being shed and culminate in a very surprising ending that reveals a huge secret one of the characters has been hiding from everyone.

While that last act is an emotional one, it’s still an episode of Lucifer which means the quirky hilarity still reigns supreme. This episode is a bit different though, in that the funny stuff comes from some unconventional partnerships. The first being one between Lucifer and Trixie. The young girl proves that she is her mother’s daughter in so many ways. They even have very similar tactics in dealing with Lucifer. While Trixie looks like she’s the most put together character of them all, she reveals some things that are hard for Chloe to hear. Trixie has a rather prominent storyline in this episode which allows her very talented young portrayer, Scarlett Estevez, to shine. She shares scenes with both Lauren German and Tom Ellis that really allow her to show off the fact that her acting skills are far beyond her age. Trixie and Lucifer have an interesting bond and it really gets highlighted in this episode.

The second unusual, yet highly sought after partnership, occurs between Chloe and Maze. They were frenemies in the first season and roommates now, but through it all, they’ve managed to form a rather strong friendship. They don’t always see eye-to-eye on things or agree on how to handle certain situations, but when it counts they can be a fierce team. These two are also fiercely loyal regarding their friends and it is highlighted in this episode when Chloe gets into an uncomfortable situation prompting Maze to make a rather surprising gesture in order to be there for her friend as they work together on Chloe’s case. From this partnership comes some phenomenal acting moments by Lesley-Ann Brandt and Lauren German. Chloe certainly has her work cut out for her and to solve the case she really has no choice but to go along with Maze. This episode will only to serve to prove why these two need to have more fun adventures together because the result is pure genius.

While everyone is working in odd partnerships, there are other celestial things going on. Charlotte is on a mission to spark something in Lucifer and in doing so she ignites some pent up issues between her sons. Will that boil over into more or can the brothers put aside their differences to work together? And just to make the wait a little more torturous (taking notes from Maze’s torture book), here are a couple quick teases. There will be a kiss shared between two characters. Another character will reveal they too are in therapy. And further details regarding the legality of Lucifer’s union with Candy are revealed. This is an exceptional episode that may even be better than last week's, which in and of itself was a really strong episode. Lucifer came back from the long hiatus firing on all cylinders and doesn't seem poised to let off the gas anytime soon.

Be sure to tune into this can’t be missed episode next Monday on FOX at 9/8C.

Here are some quotes to tide you over:

“Oh, Lucifer’s projecting his personal issues on the case. Guess we’re back to normal.”
“I am going to tie a bell around your neck at some point.”
“Well, welcome to the club of parental deceit, child.”
“They’re miserable and waiting to tear each other apart…actually, reminds me of home.”
“Because, whether we like it or not, it is all on you.”

Hit the comments with your hopes for this episode. Are you excited for some unusual partnerships? What might this big surprise ending consist of?