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Major Crimes - Shockwave: Part 1 - Review: "I'm morally open minded."

One of the downsides of writing these reviews is that when two parter is advertised I can’t wait until part two airs to watch part one.

I thought this was an awesome episode. It’s interesting to watch a mystery where I know who dunnit, but I’m still not quite sure what’s going on. It was clear throughout the episode that the bad guy is playing a long game, but what is it.

By the conclusion of the episode the only thing we know for sure is that the plan involves getting that C4 into the evidence room at LAPD. What’s in the evidence room that he wants to destroy? Does it have anything to do with proving he was, in fact, innocent of killing his wife’s lover?

I believe I have made it clear that I don’t like Winnie Davis. When she rushed to hold that press conference, my first thought was ‘oh good. She won’t be around much longer.’ Then I recalled that in the real world the barely competent frequently get the promotions.

I finished the episode counting up all of the mistakes she made in this case that brought her competency into question. Chief on that list is her inability to look at the evidence rather than her personal theories. I was certain, when the bombs went off at the cemetery, that Winnie Davis was done. No way she was going to get that promotion.

It later occurred to be that the inability to evaluate the evidence and not jump to conclusions was the same flaw we saw in Taylor when he first came on the scene in “The Closer.” (Although, Taylor would decide who was guilty then try to fit the evidence to his conclusion.)

And suddenly I was no longer sure Winnie Davis was never going to get that promotion. Annoyingly, I can see where she would be an asset to the storytelling. She’d add that conflict Taylor brought to “The Closer” sometimes.

My favorite scene in the episode was the meeting with Lt. Capra of the bomb squad. Watching Davis’ face as she hears fact after fact that does nothing to forward her terrorism theory.

But the most fun of all was Nolan’s comment about Davis being in it for the credit. First was the look on his face when he saw Raydor’s reaction to his statement. Then Chief Davis declaring she doesn’t give a damn about credit after we watched her rush into a press conference declaring terrorism before the dust settled.

Finally, hearing Raydor declare that she’s happiest she’s ever been in her professional life was awesome! Then of course her being right about focusing on Luna was the icing on top. They saved lives by pulling them people out of the cemetery.

Rusty and Gus: I don’t think I’m alone in saying that this relationship never looked like it was going to be the last one for Rusty. I’ve mentioned that I like the signs that he’s finally growing up, but he’s not there yet.

The reason I believe this is the end of their relationship is because they're both at turning points that are moving away from each other. From Rusty’s reaction when Gus texted that he wouldn’t take the job in Napa to make Rusty happy, I had a moment of hope that we are about to see another sign that Rusty is growing up. I think I saw a hint that Rusty is going to tell Gus to take the job even though it means they should part ways. It is the only way both will be happy in their futures. I hope that’s the way they will go, because at least that offers hope of them not hating each other.

Yes, I’m just going to skip over Buzz being a big brother to the son of the man who killed his father. (Feel free to make your comments below. I’d love to read them.) But, how funny was it for Rusty to call Provenza on not being supportive.


• Nolan shielding Provenza when the bomb went off.
• That was the most polite reaction to a creepy dude messing with you in public.
• Am I the only person who thought Christian Ortiz looks a lot more handsome with a beard than he did in his military head shots.
• How angry did it make Davis for Raydor to be right afreakingain! LOL