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APB - Double Review - Last train to Europe & Strange Bedfellows

Last Train to Europe

As an avid Caitlin Stacey fan, I really enjoyed this outing. I was waiting for a while now for the consequences of her actions from episode 3 to catch up on her. I was intrigued though when her hacker friend was inspired by her actions but decided that Gideon is one of the bad guys. I loved Ada's play to take him out with Brandt's and Goss' help but the two were unable to fight against the attack of the nerds. It was a nice play from DV8 to take out his servers, he anticipated that Ada won't be cooperative. The episode ended with DV8 threatening Ada and her leaving Gideon for now.

I also enjoyed this week's case. It was interesting to see a third person inserted into the Murphy-Gideon dynamic, especially when that person was Theresa's ex-lover, special agent Charlie Vaughn (RonReaco Lee). It was an interesting setup and the dynamics were quite on point. Gideon wanting to get some dirt on what went down between Theresa and Charles. I was intrigued myself and was sad to see them wrap the story this fast. Once again the writers are rushing through plots and instead of developing a story with a bigger dimension they wrapped the story before it really even began.

The case went down a bit too smooth in the long run, the District 13 team hasn't suffered a loss yet (besides Gideon's dad escaping) and it feels faulty. I expected a tiny bit more reality from the show. The show is more about the characters and their interactions through the cases but still, I don't enjoy seeing them wrap each case with such ease.

Still, I truly enjoyed the shooting and Gideon coming to help via joystick. The action sequences are always really well shot and enjoyable. The use of the 15 mil dollar submarine to find Vaughn's undercover guy was a neat move

Lauren's bit to take the company from Gideon was an interesting side story but sadly cut too short and wrapped up too easily. The chemistry and interaction between Kim Raver's Lauren and Gideon were on point and a really memorable. Sadly it seems like Lauren is a gonner and won't return till the show ends.

Strange Bedfellows

Episode 10 of season 1 was something different. The show tackled a really delicate topic and involved a drug lord and his community in it. Andrew and his Green Street Kings took the raping case very seriously and started to interfere with the team's investigation. Captain Conrad's reluctance towards working with Andre added the episode another layer of tension to the episode. Still, Gideon's interaction with Andre and his crew were quite funny and kept me intrigued while watching the outing.

The search for the rapist was very well written and intriguing as the search for evidence involved that amazing simulation room Gideon set up a couple of episodes ago. Visually it looked so stunning while they've searched through all those pictures. The revelation that a social worker was behind the rapes was a true game changer, which changed the whole dynamic between the cops and Andre's gang. The confrontation between Conrad and Andre had power and shed new light on Andre and his gang. Gideon and Theresa convincing Andre not to throw the rapist of the building did feel a bit soapy but still very satisfying in the end.

Ada going rouge on her mission to stop DV8 was precious screen time for Caitlin Stacey. Really enjoyed the story from the start till end. Especially the beachside scene with Ada's former mentor prof Malkova. I laughed so hard when DV8 trapped Ada in her car, such a bad a*s nerd "prank", I loved it. But our girl, Ada proved to be a worthy opponent to DV8's devious game. Hacker/Nerd face-offs usually are underwhelming but the scene between Ada and DV8 was intense and so well acted out. I hope the show isn't done with DV8 and will bring him back in the final 2 episodes.

Side Note: I really want that cyber knife Gideon used while cutting the ribbon at the opening of the community center. So cool

The episode ended with a beautiful scene between Gideon and Ada and I can't wait to see Ada back with the team. What did you think about the two most recent episodes of APB?
Is APB still worth watching for you or did you drop it just in front of the finish line?