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7 Word Review - 2 Apr to 09 Apr - Review your shows in 7 words

9 Apr 2017

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2nd to 9th April 2017

Always wanted to share your thoughts on the weeks TV? Well here is a fun (and challenging) way to do it. In only 7 words (or less) in the comments below review some of the episodes you have watched this week. You can be creative or straight to the point, but you only have up to 7 words.

Share your reviews in the comments box below. Good luck!


Legion: My mind hurts in a good way
Bull: Great charm but saw twist coming though

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STV Staff Reviews

ARCHER: RIP Woodhouse, sweet 40's music and illustrations.
BLACK SAILS: MaxAnne live, FlintThomas reunite: it is beautiful.
IZOMBIE: Clive is heartbreaking, and he deserves better.

BLACK SAILS: Fantastic ending. Going out on a high!
iZOMBIE: The CW's best comic book show.
SUPERSTORE: Glenn's kids cause trouble.
AGENTS OF SHIELD: Trip down the rabbit (HYDRA?) hole.
THE AMERICANS: As usual, awesome.
LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: A fun finale! Bring on Season 3.
BIG LITTLE LIES: Excellent resolution to a great miniseries.
INTO THE BADLANDS: As badass as ever.

SPEECHLESS - Another fantastic episode
iZOMBIE - I'm so glad you're back
AGENTS OF SHIELD - Great episode with fantastic acting
BIG LITTLE LIES - Magnificent ending
RIVERDALE - Not as action packed, still emotional
MAJOR CRIMES - I'm not ready for next week

13 Reasons Why: This one haunts every single show now.
Shades of Blue: I'm sure Stahl's hobbies include killing puppies.

Feud: Bette and Joan - An episode about Oscars will win Emmys!                                                   Legends of Tomorrow - To reset time, Legends must erase themselves.                           
Agents of SHIELD - Jemma and Daisy find unexpected Framework ally.

AGENTS OF SHIELD - Not everything is as it seems.
LEGENDS OF TOMORROW - Ultimate sacrifices made to save time.
THE ORIGINALS - Great evil lurks. For now Hope remains.
CHICAGO PD - Visceral and almost hard to watch. Impactful.
WENTWORTH - Nothing will ever be the same again.
YOU ME HER - Honesty is the best policy.

NEW GIRL - Little rushed but could work as series finale.
ONCE UPON A TIME - A rather boring detour.
BIG LITTLE LIES - Seeing Celeste sleeveless made me tear up.
FEUD - Joan's level of pettiness was beyond glorious.
CATASTROPHE - Why is the third season already over?!?!
AGENTS OF SHIELD - Of course Ward is a double agent.
SPEECHLESS - That took an unexpectedly serious turn.
EMPIRE - I don't even know anymore.
SCANDAL - Huck shouldn't be alive after what happened.
AMERICAN CRIME - Season continues to be unfocused and scattered.
THE LAST MAN ON EARTH - Tandy was back to Season 1 annoying.
FRESH OFF THE BOAT - More of Jessica putting herself first, please.
MODERN FAMILY - A sweet but boring episode.
GREY'S ANATOMY - I'm starting to really dislike Maggie.