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The Walking Dead - Something They Need - Advance Preview

   The Walking Dead will continue its seventh season this Sunday on AMC, and next Monday on FOX UK, with its penultimate episode, titled "Something They Need".

   This season has had its flaws: I’ve written about it, we’ve talked about it but before the season ends next week, I’d like to focus a bit on where The Walking Dead has greatly improved : its female characters.
   Through the season, all the female characters have shone, from Tara, to Carol, also with Michonne and Maggie, and of course Rosita and Sasha, as in last week's episode. At first, the female characters on The Walking Dead weren’t that interesting or developed, or at least less developed and constructed than the male ones. But the show has changed, and this season, it has been even more clear. The women from all the different communities are the strongest, the bravest and the smartest characters on the show now. It was unexpected for this show, but it is so great.

   And the female characters will be in the spotlight again in this week’s episode, as a group of Alexandrians, led by Tara, will travel to the Oceanside community. Tara broke her promise and told Rick about the guns and the women there. This new community could definitely help Rick win the war, but they made it very clear to Tara they wanted to be left alone. So, Rick’s approach will be quite different from what he did before.
   "Something They Need" will also pick up after Sasha’s surprise attack on the Sanctuary, but not right exactly where we left off. As seen in the promo pics above, Sasha will be held prisoner by Negan and as usual, he will use his techniques to try to break her. It’ll feel more like what he did to Daryl than Eugene. And here some other teasers about "Something They Need" :

- Sasha will receive a creepy visit from one Savior.
- A character from one community will make a drastic decision.
- There will be a great fighting scene against the walkers.
- Eugene will visit Sasha in her cell so he’ll have a try to explain himself about his choice to stay with the Saviors. And for me, it still won’t make sense.
- An apology won’t be accepted.
- Someone will give the finger.
- Sasha won’t be the only character trapped in a cell.
- Gregory will make a surprising confession to Maggie, and his people will be even more surprised.
- Michonne will be amazing, not a surprise but I need to point it out.
- Denise will be mentioned.
- Someone will refer to Rick as "Negan’s bitch".
- There will be two occasions that will make it so obvious that Maggie would be a better leader than Gregory for the Hilltop.
- Someone will reveal to have an empty gun.
- There will be some disgusting walkers that spent too much time in the sea.
- Aaron and Eric will share a sweet moment.
- Once again, there will be talk about suicide. It has become a recurring theme this season.
- We will find out who is the dark figure that Rosita saw last week.

   "Something They Need" will be an enjoyable and satisfying penultimate episode. It will definitely serve a setup for the finale, like every seasons. The stakes won't be that high, but there will be some tensed moments and the pace will be more slow, even if there will be some great action sequences (and explosions! I love explosions on TV). The structure of the episode, three different locations mostly, will be quite entertaining. "Something They Need" will serve its purpose: make sure you'll tune in for the finale.
  So, don’t miss "Something They Need" this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK.
   Are you happy to go back to the Oceanside ? What do you think will happen for Sasha at the Sanctuary ? When do you think Maggie will take over Gregory ? Hit the comments !
    And finally the quotes game ! Guess which characters will say those quotes (each character can have two quotes max) :

1- "Do you ever think about who you killed ?"
2- "I want you to sit"
3- "We don’t need all this, do we ?"
4- "I was wrong"
5- "Please, help me"
6- "Get on your knees"
7- "Please say yes"
8- "Keep quiet"
9- "That is a beautiful name"
10- "I think about the people I didn't kill too."

   It’s probably my last preview of the season, as we don’t get screeners for the finale, so let me just say even if this season hadn’t been the best, you are still the best :) I've very much enjoyed commenting with you each episodes, teasing you and playing the quote games, so thank you very very much !!!