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Supergirl - Homecoming - Review : A Bittersweet Return

Supergirl 214

Written by Caitlin Parrish & Derek Simon

Directed by Larry Teng

In the Season 1:17 episode ‘Manhunter’ we learned what lead to the death of Jeremiah Danvers. But, in a surprise twist, it was revealed Jeremiah Danvers was indeed alive and in Cadmus.
In the Season 2 episode ‘The Darkest Place’ Jeremiah seemed to have been unaffected by his time at Cadmus when he saves Mon – El and frees Kara. It was hinted at some point this season we would indeed find Jeremiah Danvers…but can he be trusted? That’s a question that plays out through this episode. It also leads to conflict between the two sisters as Alex is more accepting than Kara, who with Mon- EL in her ear finally listens to his suspicions. It’s the old Trojan Horse (or in his case, hidden enhancements) and they fall for it hook line and sinker with devastating consequences which will play out further next week. Lesson learned: beware of Cadmus bearing gifts.

I also advise for this episode forget previous timeline dates as it jumps all over and what we were lead to believe changes. So, if you watch Episode1:17 beforehand you will be scratching your head. Has season 2 had a sudden time jump or borrowed a DeLorean? Or maybe Barry didn’t just affect Earth 1’s timeline? After all, in this universe, nothing is impossible.

Let’s look at an intense episode that shows just what evil lengths Cadmus will go to.

It’s the morning after, and Mon- El is left in bed wondering where his fair maiden has gone to. But Supergirl is no damsel, in fact, she is out doing what Supergirl does and even stops for coffee to bring it home. We also learn kissing for Kara has been an issue in the past with a few unfortunate broken noses.

Instead of spending a day basking in their new relationship it’s off the DEO. Kara wants to keep the relationship quiet but Mon- El brags, yes brags, he is dating Kara.

J’onn gets his serious face on and tells them to report to HR as there are rules for dating a co-worker. Oh? So Mon- El now works at the DEO?

Winn announces Cadmus is moving, well some very suspicious black trucks from a known Cadmus site are. Supergirl and J’onn head out to intercept and what they find in the back of the truck will change things forever. A beaten but alive Jeremiah.

At the DEO, it is hugs around as the other Doctor Danvers returns. In the med bay, we learn his hand was damaged in retaliation on for him freeing Kara and Mon-El. Mon- El is a bit suspicious that Cadmus suddenly appeared but Jeremiah warns them they have a Nuclear Fusion Bomb and want to wipe out all Aliens. In fact, they built it from Kara’s heat vision while she was in Cadmus when she wore the visor to absorb her powers.

It’s time for the two Dr Danvers to reunite but Mon-El tells Kara his concerns.

Later on its family dinner at Kara’s. Alex is a little hesitant to introduce Maggie but Jeremiah just takes it in his stride. He watches on as the girls laugh and chat with their partner’s saying how much he missed this and it’s what kept him going for 14 years at Cadmus ( a bit of a time jump, as in season 1 Kara had only been on Earth 12 years and Jeremiah went missing according to episode 1:17 10 years ago) .
Eliza tells him they can’t go back they will have to learn who they are again. At the toast, Jeremiah again jumps ahead and says he want to come back to DEO. Has it even been 24 hours since his return? I agree with Mon- El when he questions things and I am sure, if emotion wasn’t clouding the other's judgement, they would too. Kara takes Mon- El to task telling her he needs to respect her wishes and listen to her. Finally, she said it as it has annoyed me how he seems to ignore her all the time and showing her very little respect.

Jeremiah walks Mon- El out but in the hallway he seems to threaten Mon- El saying Kara wouldn’t be happy if she learned who he is. I have to agree with Mon- El here there is something shady about Jeremiah.

Mon- El asks for Winn’s help, telling him his suspicions and Winn, as any good friend would, tells him to look after Kara. I also liked later in the episode Winn gives him relationship advice.

J’onn is giving Jeremiah a tour but, when J’onn leaves, Jeremiah uses his new pass key to gain entry to the main frame computer. Winn sees him and we wonder what Jeremiah is looking for.

Winn and Mon- El take their suspicions to Kara and even she agrees so they ask Jeremiah why he hacked the mainframe. His excuse for wanting to see the files to know what his girls had been up to in the last 24 months seems a tad suspicious. Alex is furious and later she and Kara go at it as she refuses to see any wrong in Jeremiah. Alex even gives Kara an ultimatum your part of this family or not.

When the fusion bomb is finally detected the sisters go out to the location with a DEO team but it’s a decoy so that Jeremiah can hack the mainframe and steal some files. J’onn tries to stop him but Jeremiah has a cybernetically enhanced arm (I wondered how that was missed too). He defeats J’onn telling him he doesn’t know the whole story.

When Alex and Kara return they are relieved J’onn is ok and Winn tells them he planted a tracker on Jeremiah.
The Danvers sisters head after him but Supergirl is forced to save a soon to be derailed train by Cadmus as Lillian Luthor, Cyborg Hank, and Jeremiah try to escape. Alex stops Jeremiah but she can’t bring herself to shoot her father and I am guessing she tells Kara he got away. You can still see some underlining tension and as Alex goes to talk to Eliza we know things won’t be the same.

Alex is drowning her sorrows, It’s no wonder, she thought she had her father back only to have him betray those she loves. This for me is worse than anything physical Cadmus has done so far. As anyone who as lost a loved one knows you put those gone on a pedestal. We have always been lead to believe like most daughters Alex had a close bond with her Father so to lose it all again. Well, I can see why she reaches for the bottle. When Maggie arrives and she takes the glass away and comforts her girlfriend. No words are needed in this touching scene. Our hearts break with Alex’s and we know she will be after Cadmus.

Kara is also upset and whereas, in the past, the sisters would be hugging it out together the fact they aren’t is even more tragic. Mon- El, who learns to shut up for once, hugs Kara but a telephone call from the DEO reveals the files that Jeremiah hacked were the Alien registry.

At Cadmus, Lillian is pleased with Jeremiah and he mentions something about a deal. We look on as what we thought was a fusion bomb earlier is heading towards a space ship?

This story continues next week

So, what were your thoughts on this episode?

Is there any hope for Jeremiah?

Will the sister’s reunite and defeat Cadmus?