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Grimm - Tree People - Advance Review + Teasers

Hi Grimmers! Episode 6.09 will air tomorrow and this episode really makes you think about the importance of our environment.
First, remember when I said Diana is creepy? Well she still is, but a little bit less. She's kinda cute right now and I like her interactions with Nick. She's started to consider him like part of her family and that's so important for a kid whose parents are not married or together.
Eve's storyline is still on air, as well as Diana's powers story, so the episode focus on the Wesen of the Week.
Nick/Adalind scenes feel so natural and sweet, I really wish they could be like this forever, but I'm afraid nothing stays good forever - just my opinion, tho. Brace yourself anyway: those two are so in love with each other that they could go through everything.
A quick plot: Nick, Hank and Wu are called to the scene of the crime where a man claims his friend was consumed by a tree-like figure. Meanwhile, after the gang learns of Eve's disturbing mirror encounter, everyone takes extra precautions. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard searches for answers to what Diana was drawing.

Some teasers form the episode:

- Bambi!
- Oh, Monroe, you better shut up sometimes :p
- Adalind is afraid of looking herself in a mirror ah ah.
- Mirror, mirror.
- Monroe, what are you going to do with that hammer?
. Pregnancy looks good on Rosalee.
- That Wesen looks like an angry Groot.
- It's awesome seeing Nick, Hank and Wu working together.
- Rosalee's got a book with teeth?!
- Oh mother of tree.

Some quotes from the episode:

"I am worried about you."
"Feels like an apocalyptic environment nightmare."
"When you've got weird feeling, it's different from when I get one."
"This gives a way new meaning of family tree."
"You can't arrest a tree."

Okay, as always, now it's your turn. Ask me what you want to know about the upcoming episode. I will try to answer. Don't miss Grimm tomorrow night on NBC.